10 Awkward Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Things

The world’s full of mysteries that never cease to surprise or amaze us.
Some become old wives’ tales or stories that are passed down from generation to generation.

The problem is we often don’t know if these snippets of information are true or not, even we spend hours scouring the internet trying to separate fact from fiction.

When Star Wars burst into movie theaters, France still practiced the death penalty and had prisoners on death row

The last person executed in France died in September 1977 and the death sentence was finally abolished in 1981.

awkward facts you didnt know 1

Have you always imagined that the Giza pyramid complex is in the middle of a desert?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it sits on the outskirts of Giza itself!

awkward facts you didnt know 2

Think human beings and their Earth are really important?

To put this into perspective, here’s a graphic showing the Earth next to the Sun… the teensiest of dots on the stellar landscape!

awkward facts you didnt know 3

Coming back to Earth…

Did you know that world maps don’t show countries’ actual size and spatial layout?

awkward facts you didnt know 4

For any amateur biologists among you…

Here’s a fully-intact child’s skull. As you can see, all their adult teeth are in place for when each milk tooth falls out.

awkward facts you didnt know 5

Q-tips aren’t supposed to be poked in our ears

awkward facts you didnt know 6

Here’s a montage of Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe being morphed into one

There’s certainly some doppelganger stuff going on here.

awkward facts you didnt know 7

The order of the alphabet is completely arbitrary

awkward facts you didnt know 8

Put your finger in your ear and have a scratch

Remind you of anything? You got it – Pac-Man!

awkward facts you didnt know 9

Even some hard-core gamers may not know that Mario hits blocks with his fist and not his head

awkward facts you didnt know 10

SOURCE: happyfacts.me