10 Beauty Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Every woman wants to pay attention carefully to her diet and every woman wants to look perfect. However, it’s not easy, as women nowadays have to juggle many things in their lives.

Everything from a career to kids to friends. We’ve put to together 16 amazing beauty tips with the help of our readers that’ll make your life a lot easier when it comes to looking your best.

Whiten your nails

If you are regularly using dark shades of nail polish, it turns the nails yellowish. Everyone wants his or her nails to be clean and white. For this purpose, soak a pad of cotton wool in the lemon juice.

beauty hacks make your life easier 1

Wrap this pad around the nails after it has soaked the juice. Use some foil to cover it up. After 10-15 minutes, your nails will be white and clean.

The reminder of expiry date

Most of the manufacturers utilize these types of signs to indicate the expiry date of their products. It’s best if you don’t use expired products.

beauty hacks make your life easier 2

In order to remember the date, write the date on the product by utilizing a marker or pen immediately when you open the box of this product.

First aid treatment of broken nails

Normal tea bags can be of brilliant use when it comes to broken nails. You need the covers of tea bags, cut it just the size of the nail.

beauty hacks make your life easier 3

Place it over the nail and then cut the extra cover. Shape it according to nail and then just cover the piece of tea bag with a base coating.

Clean stuff like hair straighteners and curlers

In case you need to renew this kind of stuff, you need to make a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

beauty hacks make your life easier 4

Apply this mix on the stuff by using a soft tissue. Afterwards, clear the surface by utilizing dry tissue paper.

The amazing manicure

If you want to prevent stains on your skin while applying some nail colors, apply some Vaseline or lip balm on your skin near nails.

beauty hacks make your life easier 5

After you finish coloring, use a Q-tip brush to remove it.

Use of plate to clean brushes

Take a plate of plastic and just make some random lines on this plate with some hot glue. Do you know it will come handy if you want to clean your brushes?

beauty hacks make your life easier 6

Now, make a mix of some water and shampoo in the plate and rub your brushes randomly on the plate. Soon you will see that they are clean as new.

Use baby oil instead of shave gel

If you use baby oil instead of shave gel, it will give your skin better moisturizing. It will also prevent irritation after shaving.

beauty hacks make your life easier 7

A tip for skin of the feet

Make a mixture of 2 cups of warm water, 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of mouthwash. Apply it on your feet and then wash. They will become baby soft.

beauty hacks make your life easier 8

The removal of hair static

In water, the hair static is a common problem. Make the hair smoother and get rid of the hair static by just passing the common dry sheets on your hair. This is an amazing and simple hack for your hair static problem.

beauty hacks make your life easier 9

Brilliant use of pins

Use a common bobby pin to get rid of a pimple. Place its round end over the pimple. Now, begin pushing the pin down and the pimp will pop.

beauty hacks make your life easier 10

Place a bulldog clip on top of razor. In this way, it won’t cut your hands when you search through the bag.

SOURCE: relationshipgoals.me