10 Common Things That Only Few People Know About

All of us tend to believe that we know everything there is to know about the things we use on a daily basis and the things that surround us. However, that’s not true. Not even for the slightest percent.

Believe it or not, foods, household products or any other appliances can surprise you in a whole new level. Did you know that even the simplest ketchup dip that comes in a paper pouch might make you feel somewhat.. uhm… ignorant?

Well, being ignorant doesn’t actually mean you are dumb. Instead, it implies that you just failed to notice the obvious. This is why we decided to list all of the things that make you ignorant.

I think my brain just hit the refresh button

being ignorant 1

Green apple is my favorite, hate the lime

being ignorant 2

You can actually spread a take-out carrier like a plate

being ignorant 3

My whole scientific life was a lie?

being ignorant 4

Whoever did this needs a pat on the back

being ignorant 5

That’s how you do it to not let your hands get cold while eating an ice-cream

being ignorant 6

Yes, the lie that we grew with

being ignorant 7

Very smart, why didn’t I see this earlier?

being ignorant 8

You can look smart while eating your fries

being ignorant 9

Shadow you say?

Technically, fire would have a shadow if the source of light behind was brighter that the fire itself. Or flame, in this case.

SOURCE: wroops.com