10 Discoveries That No One Can Explain

Some discoveries lead us to ask ourselves questions, even to question what we think about the human species and the world in which we live. Many mysteries exist and are brought to light by strange inexplicable and unexplained discoveries.

Here are 10 mysteries that have no logical or plausible explanation for scientists.

The Moa Claw

Moas were flightless birds that looked like ostriches. As far as we know, they lived in New Zealand and totally disappeared in 1500. One theory says the Maori killed them off.

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During the last century, scientists have found a claw in perfect condition. No one can explain how it got there, nor even how it could be so well preserved.

The Temple of Saksaywaman, Peru

There are dozens of temples in Peru, but what makes this one so special is the stone that has been cut perfectly and stacked with precision. The builders of this structure had no help and no access to clay or mortar. The stones are linked to one another so closely that it’s impossible to slip even a sheet of paper between them.

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All the stones, even though they aren’t perfectly calibrated, have smooth surfaces and are rounded at the edges. Currently, no one is able to explain how it was built with such precision and clarity, with so little resources or knowledge.

Gate of the Sun, Bolivia

South America is full of mysteries. Here’s more evidence with The Gate of the Sun, which is located in Tiwanaku, an ancient city full of mysteries. Several theories have been proposed.

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For example, some say it’s the gateway to a huge ancient empire. But no one has ever succeeded in deciphering the sculptures on the gate, although some archaeologists think they have some astrological or astronomical significance.

The Longyou Caves, China

These caves remain a mystery in their own right. For sure, one thing we are sure of is that they were dug by man. But what is less known is why? How many people took part? Who were these people?

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And above all else, what methods or plans did they follow? Indeed, no written record of the existence of these caves or even a plan has ever been found in China’s written history.

An Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt

Once again, this is a total mystery. This obelisk was carved from rock. The reason it stayed in its original place is that it began to crack while it was being made.

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Its size is simply remarkable, and so is the regularity of the lines and the accuracy of the work completed.

The Underwater City of Yonaguni, Japan

A diving teacher named Kihachiro Aratake discovered this city by chance. This discovery remains a mystery, because no scientist has been able to assert a plausible theory on the subject. Carved directly into a rock dating back 10,000 years, it seems to have existed before the Egyptian pyramids.

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According to what we know and learn in school about this period, humans were primitive and lived in caves… It’s quite a puzzle indeed! So… who would’ve been able to build this city?

Mohenjo-daro (“The Mound of the Dead”), Pakistan

It was in 1922 that the Indian archaeologist R. D. Banerji discovered the ruins of the city on one of the islands in the Indus River. Experts still can’t explain how it was destroyed. Nobody knows what could have destroyed this city or even who might have lived there.

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Despite excavations that have been done, no answers have been offered, for good reason: the soil holds no trace of life there, except for these ruins.

Stone Age Tunnels

There are many tunnels and caves throughout Europe. But what is surprising is that there’s a whole network of tunnels stretching from Scotland to Turkey. This demonstrates the extent of masonry skills possessed by people who were considered to be very primitive.

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Whatever the case may be, no one knows exactly how or why such cave networks were created. Some believe that this was a way of escaping predators or protecting themselves from the elements.

The Giant Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

In 1930, many perfectly round stone spheres were discovered in Costa Rica by workers from a banana plantation clearing the jungle. They intrigue scientists because they are perfectly round in shape.

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Besides, no one is able to explain why they exist, what their purpose was, and who created them. There was an urban legend that said they contained gold inside, but after breaking a few of them, they turned out to be totally empty.

L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada

his site was erected by Vikings nearly 1000 years ago. This indicates that Scandinavians had discovered America long before Christopher Columbus. The building is now an archaeological site.

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SOURCE: happysheldon.com