10 Everyday Habits That Damage Your Sperm Count

There are some things we do every day, but we may not even realize that it is not good for us. What guys should know is that many such things are detrimental to their health, and more specifically their sperm count. These seemingly harmless activities will cause unhealthy sperm.

Here is an essential guide for everything you need to know if you and you wife/girlfriend are planning to have a baby or if you’re considering becoming a sperm donor. Let’s get started with all the Dos and don’ts.

Drinking water from plastic cups and bottles

This might be a shocker but plastic materials have a substance in them called Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is an endocrine disruptor, and as a result, it will slowly dry out your sperm.

are you destroying sperms 1

Having hot drinks in plastic such as tea or coffee is even worse. Go green, guys! Your future kids will thank you for it.

Putting your cellphone in your pocket

Another thing you did not realize is this. Cellphones emit radiation that when so close to your testicles, can affect your sperm.

are you destroying sperms 2

In fact, studies show your sperm count may decrease up to 9% when you keep your phone in your jeans pockets.

Gaining weight

Gaining weight to a particular point is no problem. But, if you grow to be extremely overweight your sperm count will drop a noticeable amount.

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Exposing yourself to high temperatures

Sperm is produced at a temperature that is 4 degrees Celsius lower than your average body temperature. That is the optimal temperature for sperm production.

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Exposing yourself to temperatures higher than your body temp will mean your sperm is being produced but not at the optimal rate.

Wearing tight jeans

Wearing jeans is related to the above issue. When you wear jeans your testicles are pushed close to your skin which will cause them to get hotter due to body heat.

are you destroying sperms 5

This is, again, higher than the optimal temperature.

Putting laptops on your lap

It may seem pointless to have a laptop if you shouldn’t even put it on your lap but that is the cold hard truth. The heat that would be emitted from your laptop usually escapes from the bottom.

are you destroying sperms 6

If you use your computer for extended periods of time, then you will again cause the temperature around your sperm to rise from its natural level.


This is probably the most popular reason on this list. Smoking tobacco or weed will be harmful to your sperm health as chemicals in the smoke are known to kill sperm cell DNA.

are you destroying sperms 7

Apart from this, there are a hundred other reasons that you should stop smoking too so put your lighters down gentlemen!


Stress affects both your mind and your body in negative ways. Sperm production is directly related to the overall health of your body.

are you destroying sperms 8

If stress is giving you problems in other parts of your body such as your heart and mind, then your sperm production will be affected as well.

Testosterone supplements

More and more people are starting to take testosterone supplements, to look better or increase their libido.

are you destroying sperms 9

Something men might not know is that these supplements dramatically lower sperm count, to the point that you might not produce any sperm at all!


Alcohol will lower sperm production and influences sexual functions too. You may want to stay away from alcohol if you want to have healthy sperm and reproductive functions.

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SOURCE: relationshipgoals.me