10 Obvious Signs That He’s Cheating On You

Cheating is never acceptable no matter in what form. An actual relationship requires both the partners to stay loyal to one and other and never hurt their feelings.

But sadly a lot of people choose to cheat on their significant others. They simply end up breaking their trust by betraying them and forget about the love and commitment.

He doesn’t want to settle just yet

When they see that the relationship is going too fast or the other person is getting involved in the relationship, then they engage themselves in the act of disloyalty.

why people cheat on people they love 1

They find it an easy way to get out of the relationship.

He feels insecure about himself

They consistently require validation, and it’s not necessary that it comes from you alone.

why people cheat on people they love 2

Such persons regularly need surety and approval that’s why whenever anybody shows even a little bit of interest in them they instantly run towards them. They are insecure about their personality.

He’s not happy in the relationship

Some people choose to be unfaithful as it provides them an escape from the misery and discontent that they face in their lives.

why people cheat on people they love 3

Many individuals become rather unhappy and sad even when they are in love with their significant other, and it causes them to take the wrong decisions, which they surely regret afterward.

He doesn’t love you anymore

Sometimes love comes bearing an expiration date. There is no guarantee that if someone loves you unconditionally today will love you forever.

why people cheat on people they love 4

Once the feeling of love and affection fades away, there won’t be a limit to the amount of pain they can cause you, and you will just have to deal with it on your own.

He feels like he’s not getting enough attention from you

For some people, their mental state makes them crave for a lot of attention. So if they ever feel ignored or neglected in their relationship, they go for the attention they are getting from elsewhere.

why people cheat on people they love 5

In such circumstances, they will choose to cheat on you without any shame.

He wants to end the relationship, so he cheats as an excuse

They just want to end the relationship already, so they choose to cheat even they are still deeply in love with you.

why people cheat on people they love 6

They might not have the courage for breaking up directly, so they will use cheating as an excuse to put an end to the relationship.

He doesn’t feel satisfied in bed

The chances are that you’re not able to fully satisfy them in bed or perhaps you’re not just good enough for them.

why people cheat on people they love 7

It’s one of the main factors that defines loyalty of your partner towards you. Just because they don’t feel satisfied, they will resort to cheating.

He’s not emotionally satisfied

Perhaps you’re unable to satisfy his emotional needs they search for some intimacy and attention from you.

why people cheat on people they love 8

However, if you’re unable to give him, he will find it elsewhere. Their dissatisfaction will lead them towards cheating.

He’s curious about new experiences

When a person starts to get bored, they desire something fun and new to experience, which simply leads them towards cheating on their partner.

why people cheat on people they love 10

And it’s not just about the sexual activities; they just want something exciting to do in life. And you either have no time for that, or you are not interested at all.

He fell in love with someone else

It seems like with time their love and affection has been faded away or perhaps diverted towards someone else.

why people cheat on people they love 9

Someone who gives them the attention they are looking for or the other things that matter like sexual intimacy and emotional validation.

SOURCE: tapoos.com