10 Secrets Stewardesses Will Never Let You Find Out

Flight attendants keep almost all types of secrets from you, and even the most frequent of fliers could be unaware of what truly happens on an aircraft.

A lot of us have no idea what so ever why the lights are dimmed at the time of landing or the probability of sitting next to human organs on a flight. Some are like super helpful whereas there are some things you would wish you never knew.

The hole in the window

If you have ever seen a tiny hole in the window and panicked that something might happen to your aircraft, then you are not alone.

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The almost unnoticeable hole in the window is there for the safety of the passengers and to take the force of cabin compression.

The secret behind the perfect physique and vigilance of air hostesses

Air hostesses undergo extreme training to look smart and vigilant all the time. The airline policies decide everything from their hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and their weight. Air hostesses are not one of the uneducated or dumb people; they are trained for all kind of emergencies.

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They are also prepared for tracing and helping the victims of human trafficking, and also they can help deliver babies during the flights. Unlike the common perception regarding the character of air hostesses, they are not always into flirting and starting any relationship, as they are loaded with work.

Why are we asked to turn off our mobile phones?

Portable electronic gadgets won’t cut a plane down yet they can be irritating to pilots. Just envision sitting in the flight deck diving to your goal and hearing the obstruction of so many cell phones trying to get signals.

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The quality of food on the plane

Almost all of the airlines brag about the quality of the food they provide and try to make their food look good and appealing in the advertisements, but in reality, the food is just gross on airlines and can make you very ill.

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Other than the food, the utensils and trays in which the food is served are not always cleaned properly, and you don’t even want to imagine how many filthy hands have touched the dishes and cups.

The hygienic conditions on the plane

Talking about the overall sanitary conditions of the aircraft, everything from your seat to the carpet is rolling in dirt and filth. Most of the Airlines don’t clean the plane properly especially if you are getting a connecting flight.

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Always try to use hand sanitizer to stay away from the germs and possible illness. The lavatories are the dirtiest place of the planes. People who are a big fan of mile high club should think twice before indulging in this activity next time.

Security procedures in case of the crash

Even if all of us have read the precautionary pamphlet for thousand times, there are still few important details which we don’t know. Any pamphlet or flight attendants never tell the reason behind dim lights and putting up tray tables to us. The dim lights are supposed to make the passengers are accustomed to seeing in the dark in case of the crash landing.

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Putting up tray table is for helping the person sitting next to you in case you all have to escape. Most importantly no one ever tells us to check if there is a security jacket under the seat, it is important because sometimes it may be possible that there is no jacket because of some crazy passenger who stole it.

Treatment of pets in a flight

People should think before bringing their pets on the flight. Although the crew will try their best to create the ideal environment for making your journey comfortable. But there are a few things that can’t be hidden such as the set temperature for your pet or the noise of the aircraft, and these noises can sometimes be a real torture for your pet as they are sensitive towards the noise and turbulence.

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People also don’t know that their pets are treated just like the luggage bags, and they put them in an isolated place without anything to eat and drink. Sometimes they can be transported to the wrong destination and what can be more disturbing than that? It’s always a good idea to leave them with someone at home or with a nanny to travel without any stress.

How they deal with rude passengers

If a passenger on the plane is rude to the crew member and she is still smiling politely, that doesn’t mean she is okay with the inappropriate behavior, but it’s just the months or years of practiced skill that is helping her to stay calm.

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Passengers can get arrested in the midair but in most the crew send the message to the security service and they treat you well once your aircraft lands. So folks, be cautious with your choice of words next time you are talking to a crew member.

You can always save money while buying a ticket

Passengers can always save money when they are booking the flight by keeping in mind the discount deals. Booking in advance can also help a lot if you know about your travel plans beforehand.

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In a case of immediate plans with your friends or your team always book separately, that is the most cost-effective method for your travel plan. Interestingly, buying tickets in bulk doesn’t help you save money like it does while grocery shopping.

Risks you may face in the air

There are several risks passengers may face in midair and can be oblivious to the dangers. Although the aircraft are built in a specific way that can endure so much pressure and force, even if lightning strikes it, yes it happens during the flight and people has witnessed it but there is nothing to worry about as the plane is used to these activities.

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The real danger may arise if the individual responsible for making you reach the destination is sleeping in the cockpit. Almost 5 out of 10 pilots admit that they have slept during a flight. The good news is that there is always a substitute pilot in the cockpit, so you don’t have to freak about it in the future.

SOURCE: tapoos.com