10 Things Men Pay Attention To, But You Don’t

Very often, people in relationships get extremely close and comfortable with each other. They get so involved in their partners that they forget about themselves. The trust the relationship to a point where they feel perfectly comfortable in their own skin. They drop all pretensions and show their genuine, authentic self to their partners.

If you’re at that point in your relationship where you’re perfectly comfortable with your partner, then you’re good to go. But if not, then you should always keep in mind that your partner is usually paying more attention to you than you think. He’s probably paying attention to every action of yours and noticing even the slightest change in your facial expressions. It’s because he loves you.

How much makeup you put on every day

Again, makeup is an integral part of your daily routine. But he’s extracting information out of the type of makeup you have on. He’s getting clues about where you’re planning on going and what sort of people you’re expecting to meet there.

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He knows for a fact that your makeup reflects how you’re feeling, so he pays particular attention to it.

What you drink

What we drink gives a hint about the day we’ve had. So, when he’s concerned about how you day went, he’ll try to get as many hints as he can gather.

things men pay attetiont to 2

If you’re having a cocktail, or a beer, gives him hints about how you’re feeling. So that’s another thing he’s noticing very carefully.

A color you usually wear

Color choices often seem like they’re natural. But they tell a lot about the way we’re feeling. And are usually a direct reflection of our mood.

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So when you’re not thinking too much about choosing the color as it’s coming naturally to you, he’s looking and figuring out how you may be feeling.

The hobbies that bring you the most joy

He genuinely enjoys when you’re enjoying. Seeing your face glow with happiness makes him smile. So he’s taking out the time to find out what makes you happy. The activities that make you satisfied are amongst his most watched list.

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It can be any of the activities you do on a daily basis, even simple things such as running or singing. If he knows they’re making you happy, he’ll push you into doing more of it.

Your cute smile

This is quite obvious. He’s definitely noticing the smile. After all, you’re the love of his life. Why wouldn’t he? And your smile affects him more than you think.

things men pay attetiont to 5

Your facial reactions

You don’t realize how much your facial expressions give away. He’s always noticing even the slightest changes in your expression to figure out if something is annoying you.

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He can easily tell if you’re genuinely interested of if you’re just bored. It’s all a way of deciphering how and what you’re feeling.

The weirdest stuff about you

Another thing that usually catches his attention is your weirdness. These are things which you don’t even think twice about. But these are the traits that make you who you are.

things men pay attetiont to 7

If you tend to have coffee after every meal, or if you want to write in your diary every night, or if you like to have your bread toasted. All of these things are what makes you an individual, and they fuel the love he has for you as a person.

Your favorite music

You might be doubtful about it, but know that he’s got a real interest in the music you like. He’s trying his best to know your world, and music is an integral part of that.

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You just play music that you want at a specific time, but he’s keeping notes about the songs you’re playing. It gives him chances to connect more deeply with you, and he’s not gonna miss those chances.

The things that worry you

He doesn’t like it when you’re worried. He’s making a conscious effort to relieve you of all your woes. Even when you don’t realize, he tries to keep you away from things that affect you negatively.

things men pay attetiont to 9

And so he notices things that worry you, and tries his best to avoid them.

The things that make you alive

He’s happy when you’re happy. So he makes it a point to know all the things that can make you happy. And he tries to make them happen as often as he can.

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He wants to see you enjoying life. And that’s the best part about him.

SOURCE: relationshipgoals.me