10 Times Home Design Did NOT Go Exactly According To Plan

Building a house is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. Most people work their whole lives to build the house of their dreams, but not everyone has the very much needed sense for designing a house.

These are some of the designs that did not go over the top but surpassed the top by a mile. From the hilarious to the impractical to the downright mysterious here is a list of some of the strangest things people have come up with.

Now there are bad designs and then there is this taking it to a whole new level

This would be great to pull pranks on unsuspecting guests by making the trip. Any other reason for this weird design?

house designs fails 1

We have absolutely no idea and will let you guys decide what was going on with this dudes head.

It is a bird! It is a plane! No, hold on there, that is coat hanger literally hanging from the ceiling

For those of us who are perhaps too lazy to walk to the closet a hanger on the ceiling wake up every day and your work clothes are just dangling on top of your head. Talk about convenience.

house designs fails 2

Well now what do we have here

Just in case if two people need to go to the loo so bad that they cannot hold it and there is no other washroom for miles around well then behold. Not just one but two people can answer the call of nature in this washroom.

house designs fails 3

Another possible explanation is that someone just had it and did not want to have to wait for so long every time they needed to go to the washroom and simply decided to get a little creative.

Take a seat

Imagine you are at a crowded event and there is only place to sit and that is this one. We would much rather stand than try to fit into that any day of the week.

house designs fails 4

How about this kitchen

Finding something in the kitchen is never easy in this kitchen however the difficulty level is on a whole new level altogether.

house designs fails 5

This cabinet would never open and all by design. The reason why anybody would make it as though is beyond us and we would leave it to you guys to decide.

Toilet paper just beyond arm’s reach

So unless one has abnormally long arms there is no way you can reach that toilet paper that far away. Why would someone want their bathroom experience to be more hectic than it has to be by getting up to grab some toilet paper?

house designs fails 6

Seems like the answer to that will also have to remain one of the unsolved mysteries of life. Why do we do some of the things we eventually end up doing. However one has to admit without such random acts of weirdness life would not be that much fun at all.

Rise and shine. Oh, wait…

This one is just plain old dumb. The person who came up with this should be given a medal for creativity.

house designs fails 7

What was this guy trying to do is a mystery, however, did he just have too many curtains? Or was there any other reason behind this strange contraption.

The conservatory design

There’s not much you can say about this.

house designs fails 8

The perfect water cup holder

A duck floating in the water with your most liked beverage while you take that long, hot bath.

house designs fails 9

How do you like your life? Transparent, please.

Lo and behold the glass toilet. Not the most pleasant sight to see especially if somebody forgot to flush.

house designs fails 10

SOURCE: tapoos.com