10 Unusual Signs Of Dehydration That Will Send You Into Coma

The research found out that 25% of teenagers and kids do not take any water as per their fluid intake, they might just clench their thirst by other means, but they do not drink any water at all, and this is not healthy.

Apart from the kids, it was found that a significant number of adults do not get their regular daily intake of water. With the intake of water seeping below the average recommended dose, one might be vulnerable to many health problems including digestive issues, urinary infections, chronic fatigue, and anxiety.

According to a report submitted by CBS, it was found that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration

Water is a primary component of our body, composing 75% of our muscles, 80% of our brain and 60% of our overall body. So the insufficient amount of water in our body (dehydration) must be taken seriously.

signs of body dehydration 1

Dehydration can lead to serious complications, may that be lethargy, sickness or even depression. There are many symptoms of dehydration – a few of them as mentioned below.

Different parts of your body, including the skin, mouth, and eyes, feel dry

Due to lack of fluids, mainly water, our body cannot produce. It leaves the toxins inside your body to remain there instead of excreting, these toxins fill your pores, clogging them, causing your skin to get dry and break.

signs of body dehydration 2

Your eyes may start to feel rough due to lack of fluids which lubricate them. And then there’s the dry mouth. The dry mouth is a direct signal from your brain that you need to drink more water. And the same parched feeling can also be felt in other areas of the body, besides the mouth.

Delayed need to urinate, and having darker urine

An average person urinates at least 4 to 5 times a day. Thus, if you are making fewer than four trips to the restroom, you really should realize the fact that you are dehydrated.

It might seem convenient that you do not have to urinate every hour or so, but the real horror is the fact that due to less urination, the toxins inside your body are not leaving and instead are accumulating inside your body, increasing the risk of urinary tract infections.

signs of body dehydration 3

The easier way to find out whether you are dehydrated or not is the color of your urine. The darker your urine, the more dehydrated you are. With increasing dehydration, your urine can go from clear to dark yellow, and in severe cases, it might turn brown.

Frequent itching of back and joints

Water composes of 80% of your body cartilages. Water lubricates your joints and allows you to carry out excessive exercise. It also prepares your joints for unintentional activities such as falling etc. so the lack of water would lead to pain in your joints.

signs of body dehydration 4

Furthermore, extreme dehydration may cause a kidney infection and lead to severe back pains.

Exhaustion and mood swings

Apart from the oxygen that you inhale, your body is also provided with oxygen by water. The more oxygen your cells get, the more active you feel. So a lack of water in turn causes a shortage of oxygen to cells thus making you feel exhausted.

signs of body dehydration 5

The oxygen deficiency further causes the brain to get tired, resulting in depression and sudden mood swings.

Feeling famished even after eating

What does dehydration have to do with hunger? The thing is that the part of the brain responsible for thirst is also responsible for hunger.

signs of body dehydration 6

When the thirst approaches a particular level, the part starts to function completely thus giving signals, making you feel starving. This type of hunger lasts even after you have had your meal, but might go away if you drink a large amount of water.

Having high blood pressure

As you have not consumed enough water, the sodium content in your blood increases. It causes the blood to get thicker thus leading to a high blood pressure.

signs of body dehydration 7

Higher cholesterol level

Due to absence of water, the body stores any water that it gets. The stored water may be the reason why the cholesterol in your body increases.

signs of body dehydration 8

According to a study conducted by 15 people, it was established that while fasting without water the cholesterol levels of the test subjects had risen while fasting with water and salt supplements did not cause the same impact. Drinking nutrient lacking sugary drinks instead of water may cause dehydration. Thus, it raises the cholesterol level.

Trouble in digesting food

Without about blood, water also helps to move food in the digestive track. Water speeds up digestion, so a lack of water causes the digestion process to slow down which may cause constipation or other digestion related problems.

signs of body dehydration 9

Little amounts of water that your body contains are absorbed in the large intestine leaving the rest of the food dry and thus immobile. It may lead to ulcers.

Rashes on the skin

Like mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of water is to produce sweat which helps to excrete the toxins produced by the body.

signs of body dehydration 10

Due to lack of sweat, these toxins stay in our body; they clog the pores in the skins, which may cause rashes at a minimum and lead to other problems like Acne, psoriasis, eczema, and discoloration.

Migraines and deluded thoughts

Dehydration decreases blood volume, so the brain is unable to get enough oxygen, this causes the arteries in the brain to dilate hence triggering immense pain; furthermore, the low water level causes the brain to shrink, pulling it away from the walls and initiating severe aching.

signs of body dehydration 11

Unfortunately, several people around us feel these symptoms every day. Just because of drinking, not enough water people face problems in their daily lives. These problems persist due to lack of knowledge.