12 Hardest Choices You Could Never Make

There are some questions that we just can’t answer because answering them just isn’t easy. In questions that have an either/or choice, we can most of the time choose the answer we think is correct.

But, when you are asked to choose between two options that are equally exciting or equally disgusting, what do you do? Well, that is exactly why we are asking you! Read the 12 questions below and see if you can answer any of them easily.

The questions will be explained so you can know exactly what your situation for each question would be. Leave your answers down in the comments below so you can compare your answers with other people as well to know if you’re in the majority or not!

Be invisible or be able to fly?

This is a puzzling one, isn’t it? In this question, you have posed the idea of being completely invisible, meaning no one will be able to see you. No one, not your enemies, and not even your loved ones will be able to see you for as long as you will live. You won’t be seen in mirrors, in cameras, and your body’s cells will also be invisible. So, the good side is you are invisible as long as you aren’t wearing any clothes. You won’t ever get caught doing anything wrong. The downside is you will not be seen by the people you love, and doctors will not be able to treat you as they can’t even see you.


If you get to fly, you can fly anywhere for as long as you want. You will still have to breathe air though, so you cannot fly too high into the atmosphere, or too fast. Also, keep in mind, that you will have to keep your power a secret or else strange government officials will knock you out and do tests for you to find out your secret! What would you choose?

Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

This is pretty straightforward. You can either only whisper, or you can only shout. If you whisper, only talking in people’s ears will allow them to hear you. You will have a hard time speaking to many people at once, and it would especially affect you if you’re in a business meeting and have to speak up

the hardest choices you make 2

If you can only shout though, you will be heard by everyone. Even conversations which you want to be private will be loud and clear for everyone. You will appear obnoxious, and people will be annoyed by you.

Would you rather know when you are going to die, or how you are going to die?

You will know exactly what date and exactly what time you will die No other information will be given to you. You will be able to enjoy your life as you will know you will not die until years after.


If you know how you are going to die, you will not be given any other information. The downside to this is if you are told you will die by car crash, you will spend your whole life avoiding cars and whatever you are told you will die from.

Would you rather ‘never open your mouth’ or ‘never close your eyes’?

This is a tough one. You will not be able to open your mouth to talk. You can only have food from a straw without opening your mouth. You won’t be able to kiss anyone.


If you can’t close your eyes, your eyes will burn, and you will have to constantly put eye drops in your eyes. You may tear up a lot as well. This is definitely one of the more difficult questions.

Would you rather ‘wear wet socks’ or ‘only wash your hair once a year’?

You will only be able to wear wet socks, whenever you wear socks. You can choose to wear them or not though. However, keep in mind, there are many situations where you’d rather wear socks than nothing at all.

the hardest choices you make 5

If you choose to wash your hair once a year, keep in mind what that will do to the health of your hair and how people react to being around you. One loophole is you can just go bald the whole time. If you love your hair though that is a tough choice to make!

Pick one: the CEO of a fortune 500 company or the president of a country?

Being a CEO is great but it would have a lot of workloads. You’d get enough free time for yourself though and you’d have all the money in the world to spend!

the hardest choices you make 6

If you were the President of a prominent country, the world would know your name and you would make decisions that would potentially help millions of people.

Would your rater use someone’s dirty underwear or their dirty toothbrush?

Okay, this is a gross one. Either option is disgusting. Most people go for the toothbrush because you have the option of washing it extensively under the water coming from your sink’s tap.


Would you rather sh*t bricks or puke slugs?

Another completely impossible set of circumstances but if you had the option what would you do? Shi***ng bricks would hurt, a lot. And before you get smart, no you cannot choose to have small bricks instead of the big ones. They’ll be big. All of them.


The slugs won’t hurt but they’ll just be plain disgusting.

Would you ‘pee yourself publicly’ or ‘poop yourself privately everyday’?

This is an awkward one. No one wants to be so embarrassed as to be caught peeing yourself. That would be a nightmare to have it done once in a lifetime let alone once a week! A solution? Just wear adult diapers. It’ll be uncomfortable, and if you get caught wearing one, it can also be quite embarrassing. But, people tend to believe you have a medical condition and are accepting of that.


Pooping yourself once a day in private will just be plain awful. You’ll be uncomfortable and will ruin your clothes. At least no one would know though, right?

Would you rather always tell the truth or always lie?

If you speak, you can do only one of these things. Tell the truth or lie. If you’re a goody two shoes, you can only pick telling the truth.


You can have regular conversations with just lying as well though, as long as people understand that all you do is lie, so they will assume whatever you are saying is a lie and the opposite is the truth. That would make it harder though.

Would you rather never have internet access or never be able to go anywhere?

The Internet runs our lives. We can’t function without it. Well, that’s not true. We can live just fine without it, and researchers say people who don’t indulge on social media are much happier. That’s why you might want to choose this option and be able to go anywhere.

No internet access denied

If you choose not to fly and be able to use the internet though, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. You can travel by boat or by car or by helicopter if you’re rich enough. Try not crossing the Atlantic Ocean too much though as that would take a while.

Would you rather ‘never touch anyone’ or ‘never talk to anyone’?

Not being able to touch anyone means you can’t hug, hold, or kiss anyone. You can’t hold your lover in your arms, and you can’t hold your kid’s hand while walking across the street. It’s a sad situation to be in. If you choose the other option, you won’t be able to verbally speak to anyone through words coming out of your mouth directly to their ears. There are a lot of loopholes you can take advantage of here as you can still communicate with them through texts, emails, and handwritten messages.


It is also not clear whether you cannot use your voice entirely to communicate with people or if you can talk when you are away from others. That way you may be able to record videos or voice notes while talking to other people. However, this would be a huge nuisance so it’s still a tough decision.

SOURCE: thechangepost.com