15 People Share Their Most Humiliating “Truth Or Dare” Moments

“Truth or dare” is the after-party game everyone has played at least once in their lifetime. And if you haven’t tried it already, then you need to reevaluate the type of parties you visit.

Needless to say, the game is really fun and the amount of embarrassment you might experience is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

However, the game doesn’t always end with embarrassment, so you might end up going home thinking about the best night of your life.

That being said, the chances are that the game will leave you with at least one regret. And that’s exactly what you’re going to read below – times 22.

Come play truth or dare, it’ll be fun they said

“Playing Truth or Dare Jenga. Pull the block saying �Kiss the person on your left.� I place a sweet gentle kiss on the girl to my left�s cheek. She blushes. Fast forward 11 years. I am single and she has half my sh*t.”

playing truth or dare 1

There must be some soul-searching after that

“Friend dared his girlfriend to make out with another chick. She did. Awesome. She likes it. They flirt/talk a lot during drinking. End of night comes, they go “home” (back to her dorm room) together. My friend / the boyfriend isn’t invited. Weeks later, girlfriend actually leaves him to be with the other girl.”

So, he practically stole all the girls

“Myself included, the party was 3 guys and 3 girls. When the game started getting steamier and we had taken most of our clothes off, a guy asked one of the girls, and she chose dare. I dare you, to make out with me in the bedroom, along with [the other two girls].They went with him. The other guy and I spent the next hour playing Soul Calibur in our underwear.”

Now, that escalated pretty quickly

“Young, like 11 or 12, playing truth or dare with my friends outside at my house. One friend dares me to p*ss in the bird bath which was in plain sight of where my parents and neighbors could see. I do it, he thinks its funny. Next time it comes around to him he chooses dare. Other friend dares him to drink the water in the bird bath.That went wrong on him quick.”

It must’ve been traumatizing

“Middle school. Buddy was dared to go into a closet and kiss this girl. Longtime goes by so we check on them. He was so nervous he p*ssed himself and they were trying to clean up the mess with the clothes that were hanging up.”

playing truth or dare 2

Well, not all men are perverts, some actually abide the law

“Friend and I are home from college getting drunk, 16 yo sister walks in with her girlfriends who want us to play truth or dare. Friend and I agree as we are already intoxicated. Not even 3 dares in, one of the girls is dared to kiss my friend. He gets up and walks out of the room exclaiming �I will not go to jail!”

No wonder why he still remembers the iconic scene

“In 6th grade before English class, my friends were playing spin the pencil/truth or dare and coming up with stuff that could be done in class. The pencil landed on a girl as she was coming into class and they dared her to kiss me. She said she’d rather kiss the floor. She actually kissed the floor.”

It’s all about the hormones I’m telling you

“Senior year in high school. Was dared to kiss the girl I had a crush on. She was a very shy person to begin with and her friends totally set the whole thing up to get us together because she liked me a lot. Go in to kiss her and she blushes furiously, farts loudly, and then scrambles to her feet and runs away crying.”

Seems like there won’t be any games next winter

“Back in college we were pregaming at my friends apartment playing truth or dare jenga. I pulled a brick that said to do a lap around the outside of the building naked. Easy enough, but it was the middle of winter so I slipped and fell on some ice and ended up breaking my ankle.”

playing truth or dare 3

Who would’ve thought a teen girl’s panties would be that worthy

Played truth or dare with my friends in high school, I was dared to go around my apartment building “selling” underwear. One guy opened the door and was actually genuinely interested in buying a 16-year-old girl’s underwear until his wife came out and started yelling at him. Me and my friends quickly left but I’m petty sure I caused a huge fight between them.”

Eww, I’m trying not to imagine the scene

“During a drinking game of truth and dare with a bunch of friends, the shortest most timid girl of our group was dared to eat yogurt from the fattest guys belly button in our group. After about a minute of convincing, she went for it, and immediately started puking all over the guy.”

This is some twisted truth

“One guy in the room picks truth, was asked what age and how he lost his virginity. Turns out he was forced to have s*x at 11 or 12 by his older siblings. Room went real quiet after that.”

Well, that went totally surprising

“At family and friends Christmas party, everybody was pretty tipsy and they start playing truth or dare. My aunt dares my uncle to do a lap around the house naked. He does. She locks the doors and leaves him out there.”

playing truth or dare 4

Girl your mom must be worried about you growing up

“When I was in 1st grade I had a birthday party and we all played truth or dare. I was dared to pull down my pants and show my b**t while doing a Yosemite Sam impression. My Mom saw me doing it and I was grounded. Edit: Also I’m a girl. I don’t know why, but I feel like that makes it funnier.”

Some weird incest going on here

“Girl picked Truth, her BF ask who was the best f**k she ever had. She named his brother. She was drunk and told the truth, but he was super p*ssed. We got to watch the whole thing. Turns out it was before she was dating him, but he was still upset.”

SOURCE: wroops.com