5 Places On Earth Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem To Work

You should be familiar with the concept of gravity by now. If you’re not, what’s wrong with you?! That being said, you should check out the story of Isaac Newton and the apple that fell on his head. It’s a good story, it speaks about gravity.

Not only did he “discover” gravity, but he explored the gravitational phenomenon. It’s a common belief that anything living near the surface of the Earth is attracted towards its center. But there are also gravitational anomalies…

What if, and imagine this, you were told that there are places where gravitation doesn’t work? It’s scientifically proven that these places are free from gravitation – all you have to do is see it for yourself.

The inverted watefall

Whenever we hear the word waterfall, we think of water flowing down from a mountain or a certain height in the middle of a forest. But there is a reason why the word “inverted” is associated with this unique waterfall.

areas without any gravity 1

This waterfall, situated in the Republic of Chile, flows in the opposite direction (upwards). You would say that this thing is inexplicable and some people would say that it’s magic. In reality, physics can logically explain all this.

The thing which forces the water to flow in the upward direction is the strong gusts of wind. However, this water is not the only one of this kind. The same sort of waterfalls was witnessed in India and Australia several years back.

The mystery of Santa Cruz

This mysterious cum horrifying place in Santa Cruz was first discovered by George Pruzon in 1939. While explaining his first experience, he told that he was walking during the day when suddenly he started feeling dizzy.

Moreover, the needle on his compass started rotating vigorously without stopping. He was amazed by the thing that happened there. Eventually, he bought a piece of land there and built a house where he invited people to see the mysterious happenings and the miracles.

areas without any gravity 2

The news regarding these miracles spread very quickly and earned immense popularly throughout the world. Coming to what the miracle actually was. The miracle was that people can bend to many awkward angles without falling. As if the gravity is not working.

The water tends to flow upwards and the rubber ball moved up on the inclined surfaces. Many people say that the abnormality is caused by a magnetic crater situated under the house.

Even with different myths and hypothetical conclusions regarding this place, the gravitational failure is still a mystery. This is why the house is very popular among the tourists and even got listed among the historical places in California.

Armenian Mount Aragats

These mountains are very popular among the tourists for the natural phenomenon happening in it. Talking about its location, Mount Aragats is located in the West Armenia, 30 kilometers apart from the border with Turkey. Everything happening on this mountain is contrary to what happens in the other mountains.

areas without any gravity 3

Well, the cars stopped at the foot of the mountains itself moves upwards with its engine being killed. The river flows upwards, which means from the foot towards the top of the mountains.

The pedestrians unsurprisingly say that climbing this particular mountain is easier than to go down the hill. The gravitational pull is nowhere to be found there and this is still an unresolved mystery for the scientist to find a solution to.

Magnetic hill in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick province of Canada has one of the most mysterious places on earth. The gravity does not work on the route that leads toward this hill. The cars, even with their engine off, start moving up the road without gravitational intervention.

areas without any gravity 4

Think of yourself as a driver. You are sitting in the cars with your foot off the brake and suddenly your car tries to play tricks on you and starts moving on the road itself. People thought of many ways to explain what has been happening on the route.

Some people say that there are ghosts while some perceive it as an optical illusion and nothing else. Well, optical illusion or not, this place deserves a trip. We would prefer you to go there and see what happens to your car when you put your feet off the brakes.

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover dam is one of the main tourist attractions in the eastern US. The size of this dam is gigantic, but the size does not matter because the sight that you might see is too head-
spinning for you to consider the size. If you visit this place, do some self-experimentation.

Bring a bottle with yourself, stand on top of the constructed area, open the bottle and try to pour the water down. You will be amazed by the sight that the water instead of going down, will move upwards. The scientists have a rather satisfactory answer to this mystery.

areas without any gravity 5

The answer is that the construction of this dam is such that the flow of air becomes way too strong. The flow of air upwards through the edges pushes everything upwards, hence nullifying even overcoming the gravity.

It is not just the water; throw anything down there and it will flow upwards but make sure that nothing strikes your head because the push from the air is too damn strong.

SOURCE: thechangepost.com