5 Things That Could Happen To You If You Don’t Wash Your Bra Regularly

Women usually wear a single bra almost five to six times before taking out time to wash it. The fact is that it is at times challenging and stroppy to wash these little garments.

Anyhow, it’s very important to do it because if you don’t, then you are just putting yourself into problems in future and some of the consequences could be extremely serious.

Your clothes will be filled with the odor of sweat and look filthy

Trust me you wouldn’t want that and even if you don’t mind the smell and the sweat yourself, you are testing the patience of others around you.

not washing your bra 1

P.S. It’s simply disgusting. Would you want to bare the smell of someone’s sweat? I don’t think so!

Fungi and rashes will appear on your skin

As much as it is harmful for you, it’s also so damn embarrassing when the irritation starts you are left with no other option but scratching your boobs and it will spread to the other parts of the body.

not washing your bra 2

Zits appear on your back, chest and face

Wearing the dirty bras will transfer the germs to your clothes and that would directly be transferred to your skin resulting in you having zits on different parts of your body including your back, your face and obviously your chest.

not washing your bra 5

It’s much better to wash those things rather than suffering and regretting it afterwards.

Nipples become irritated, red or crumbly

Things can get even worse than this. By having direct contact with main source of the bacteria and germs your nipples might become so irritated that you’ll feel like ripping them off.

not washing your bra 4

Itchy or scorching underarms

If you’ll keep on wearing a dirty bra without washing it for days the sensitive areas like your underarms might get affected due to that as well, you’ll end up having a burning kind of sensations and the skin would feel irritated.

not washing your bra 6

If you wish to avoid all this, you are required to wash your bras regularly. It means no using it for five to six times before getting them washed nicely with detergent and loads of water.

not washing your bra 7

Just remember personal hygiene is very much important. You need to take care of it. If not than you will have to face serious consequences as well. If you wish for a good health, you need to work on having good hygiene first.

SOURCE: tapoos.com