5 Types Of Women At Walmart You Can’t Unsee

Decades came and went, but the world of shopping was and is ruled by one and only, Walmart. The citizens of USA usually prefer Walmart over everything else, when it comes to shopping. The reason behind this is that they have developed an image which no other shopping mart has failed to make.

The matter of discussion in this blog is not exactly the one that we mentioned above. Walmart’s success is evident to each and every one of use. The main subject of our blog, that we are exploring, is the Walmart customers.

Time and time again, we have seen bizarre people buying stuff and searching for products on the shelves. It seems as if these customers feel it very comfortable for them to wear almost everything when they give it a visit.

We have made a list of some female buyers, who not only dressed differently but were also found doing unusual things.

Devils everywhere

I’m not a fortune teller, but I’m sure that the priests will find it easy to handle the bad souls than what it was before Walmart came into existence. The reason behind this ease is that the devils are busy shopping nowadays.

women in walmart 1

This reddish lady, with a red devilish costume, red hair and red heels certainly took her day off from all those bad deeds. Sitting on this usual humanly scooter, she rests like a queen. She cannot walk because her heels are too damn high for her to explore the mall and buy herself some commodities.

Pinky pants

We have seen ladies casually walking at the beaches, wearing anything that they like. But have you ever seen a woman wearing pink sweatpants with a bandeau crop top of the same color and beach blonde hair that makes her look like Britney Spears?

women in walmart 2

If you are taking it lightly then sorry my friend, you are wrong. The picture makes it quite evident that what we just told, happened in real.

Wearing a beach costume in a shopping mart means only one thing i.e. the absence of dressing sense. What was the expecting? A whole land of sand with a seashore, waiting for her to come and lie down and soak the warm sunlight? Hell no!

Fart now loading…

Boys usually think that the girls are neat, clean and image conscious. They try to negotiate everything that can damage the image that they have made in the society. However, every girl is not same.

women in walmart 3

There are girls who do whatever they want, they make their own rules and live life on their own terms. The example of this kind of female is what you can see in this picture.

This fat lady, with her hand on her gigantic hip, is looking over something. Her white t-shirt expresses the statement that fat people usually confront from the society. All credits to this girl, who takes that statement in her face and warns each and every one that she is going to fart.

The chubby customer

How many time do you see fat buyers standing in Walmart stores and staring at the food as if all of it is insufficient for them? This is exactly the case here.

women in walmart 4

A gigantically sized woman, standing with her hands in her pocket, looking at the shopping mart nervously. The expressions tell that maybe she got separated from her family while shopping.

This can be true because the Walmart stores are way bigger than what people think. I mean you can get lost while a walking down the video game section.

The fury squirrel

Imagine comforting a human-sized squirrel when you are shopping. Sounds creepy right? Imagining such stuff makes you uncomfortable, think of those who actually saw this thing happen.

women in walmart 5

The lady in this picture broke are the dressing code and wore a furry costume that makes her look like a squirrel. The most disturbing thing in her dress code is the tail hanging behind her, which brushes the ground behind her when she walks.

SOURCE: tapoos.com