5 Ways Vegans Are Totally Ruining The World

If you find vegans annoying you’re not alone. Mother Nature has no love for them either and there are some good reasons as to why.

Totalitarian eating habits are not as sustainable to the environment, the economy and the poor like moderate ones are.

Simply put, the land that is more suitable for cattle grazing will require more resources to grow crops on.

A study carried out to observe the effect of diet type and its consequences on environment, resources and nature itself had some interesting results

Veganism rated in the middle-pack as the 5th most sustainable diet. Dairy-friendly vegetarians stood at the first spot while omnivores, where the entire population follows that diet, stood at the third place of they cut back on meat.

the way vegans are ruining the world 1

Here are the most important ways in which vegans are leaving a negative impact on the environment.

Environmental footprint

Advocates of veganism argue that producing just one hamburger burns enough fuel for a small car to travel up to 30 kilometers hence environmental pollution along with killing livestock. However, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University state that this not entirely true.

the way vegans are ruining the world 2

Leafy greens usually have a far less calorie count, lettuce has only 15 per leaf, so in order for a vegan to balance their calorie intake, they would have to consume around 2 heads of lettuce.

Leafy greens also perish quite quickly and that is a waste of resource. The carbon emissions from growing so many vegetables for a huge population as well as rotten vegetables leave a far greater environmental footprint than eating bacon does.

The Cashew burn

Cashews are a staple in the vegan diet because these are processed to make vegan cheese. Cashews are also extremely healthy and are linked to lowering heart diseases. However, the great demand for cashews has a very inverse effect from humanitarian perspectives.

the way vegans are ruining the world 3

Vietnam is the largest processed Cashew exporter in the world where detained drug addicts in labor camps are forced to work for the Cashew industry. India, the second largest producer of Cashews, has people working round the clock in factories at minimum wage ($2 a day).

The Cashew burn from cardol and anacardic acid contained in shells has rendered permanent hand damage to hundreds of workers.

Risk to generations of children’s health

Only in the UK, the number of vegans has increased by 360% in the last ten years. A majority of these is people between the ages of 15 and 36. This means that these progressive youth will raise the next generation of kids along with a vegan lifestyle.

the way vegans are ruining the world 4

The plant-based diet these kids will receive will render serious impacts on their health. They will lack nutrients from their diet like vitamin B12, calcium, zinc and high-quality protein. Researchers argue that this type of diet and consequent deficiencies could lead to serious cognitive damage.

California drought

The state of California suffers from droughts, each year the worse than the one before. 62 million trees were killed as a result of a serious drought in 2016 alone. A lot of the blame for this goes to vegans. Why? California produces 82% of the world’s almonds.

the way vegans are ruining the world 5

Almonds are another staple of the vegan diet as they are one of the healthiest foods that you can consume. Almond milk, along with other plant-extracted milk, is another favorite of vegans.

It takes around 5 liters of milk to grow a single almond. And this round-the-year crop is taking its toll on California’s agriculture water reserves consuming more and more water each year as new almond farms pop up all over the state.

Nutrient deficiencies

Everyone knows that we get a lot of nutrients from both plants and animals. Vitamin B-12 is one of the most essential, meat-based nutrients which vegans have a serious deficiency of.


It is particularly important in the formation of blood cells and proper functioning of the brain. According to a study, an astounding 92% of vegans are vitamin B-12 deficient because of their plant-based diets.

SOURCE: tapoos.com