6 Reasons Why Men Always Leave The Women They Love

It takes a lot of courage to fall in love, especially for men. When a man falls in love, he always thinks about the future that he might suffer if he opens to his woman too soon.

Men almost never dive in fully at once. They usually take baby steps to try the water before diving in. No one wants to get hurt or disappointed. If that wasn’t enough, they also have a hard time understanding women.

The following six situations are extremely detrimental in a relationship for most of them.

He can sense that you’re trying to fix him

Trying to fix a man will make him feel that his flaws are enormous and that he will never be able to be himself without being judged. This can scare him and make him leave because he feels emasculated.

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Albert Einstein once said “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.” No person will change and no one actually needs to.

Instead, you should discover your true self and grow as a person in order to become a supportive partner.

He might be threatened by your success

The University of Florida conducted a study which discovered that men feel threatened when their female partners experience success.

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A man changes his views of the relationship’s future when a woman experiences success. This can make him feel he is not able to get what he deserves and he is likely to leave her.

Are you nagging all the time?

Your male partner is able to zone out your voice at any time. However, constant nagging can become very frustrating especially if you treat him like a child.

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If you don’t appreciate him and you act in a passive-aggressive manner don’t be surprised if he leaves you.

There’s a serious lack of intimacy

Men like intimacy just as much as women, but if you make him beg for it he will start looking for it in another person.

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If you are not prepared to be intimate with your partner don’t expect him to stand by you too long.

You’re comparing him with other men

Men are particularly annoyed when you talk about your past relationships and you compare them with your ex.

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They hate analyzing your past relationships and partners.

There’s just too much emotional co-dependency

Just like every normal person, men also need their space and don’t like being treated as a possession. Men also like spending time with their friends or participating in sports or other social gatherings.

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If you deprive him of these pleasures he is likely to sneak out of your life forever. For men, this is the equivalence of being in a prison and if he feels you are trying to gain control over his life he will leave you for sure.

SOURCE: thechangepost.com