7 Insane Creatures People Actually Believed Were Real Animals

Humans have a long history of believing in things that aren’t exactly real. Nowadays, there’s plenty of information that enables fact-checking, which is something not many people actually do.

But back in the day, it was extremely easy to convince people into believing pretty much anything – especially something they’ve never seen before.

That being said, there are plenty of mythical animals that were once popular among cultures.


These mythical creatures have appeared in countless stories, medieval texts AND the Bible. However, them being in the Bible doesn’t actually mean that they once grazed Earth.

fake mythical animals 1

But that didn’t stop the Scots from making Unicorn their national animal.


During the Middle Ages, people believed in every single thing they couldn’t explain. Bonnacon was a creature that had the body of a bull and the mane of a horse.

fake mythical animals 2

There’s nothing wrong with imagination, but bonnacons were feared because they used acidic excrement as a weapon. Imagine trying to fight that with a shield and a sword.

Vegetable lamb

Probably the most boring creature in the bunch, but still a mythical animal. All the credits for the vegetable lamb go to Rabbi Yohanan from Jerusalem. No one why this creature ever became popular, but it does grow in a garden – like a plant!

fake mythical animals 3


Quite a mouthful for a mythical creature, but this seafarer has a very strange story behind it – it carried a huge island on its back.

fake mythical animals 4

We’ve all seen movies depicting this island, but there’s no actual evidence that it actually existed.


Just in case you wondered what would happen if you ever crossed a jackal with an antelope, this is your answer. This horned rabbit-like creature lives in fictional stories only.

fake mythical animals 5

Still, imagine a rabbit with huge antlers… That would be one awesome animal!

De Loys’ Ape

If there ever was a hoax that shocked the entire world, it was the De Loy’s ape. This weird ape-like specimen was the creation of Swiss explorer Francois De Loys.

fake mythical animals 6

De Loys used his creation to become a world-famous explorer, but he lost all of his credibility when people figured out that the ape was fake. Nevertheless, people believed in this human/ape crossover.


Researchers believe that a Chinese scholar Lei Xiao was the first person to introduce dragons into our world. Now, the presence of enormous fire-breathing dragons would be awesome, but these creatures never actually ruled the skies.

fake mythical animals 7

The presence of these mythical creatures in lore, texts and stories confirms the fact that people were extremely gullible – they just didn’t know better. And the world they lived in must have been terrifying for them.

SOURCE: boredomtherapy.com