7 Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Russian Girl

There’s no doubt that Russian women are some of the hottest on the planet. These tall, hot women look as if someone made them out of your dreams. Which is why they’re some of the most wanted marriage material – and we’re not talking about Brider order program.

Be it their caring nature, their impeccable sense of dressing, stunning looks, or their intelligence, Russian women get maximum points in each (and every) category.

These some of the most important reasons why you should at least try to date a Russian girl. And if you manage to start dating one, you’ll probably end up marrying her.

They are hot

The beauty of Russian women is simply stunning and it is this that leaves one dumbfounded. They are also very open to talking to and meeting up with them in a bar or nightclub is a good way to start.

If you decide to go to Moscow yourself, well more the merrier as the ratio of men to women is so skewed in Russia if you are a young hot guy landing in the good books of a tall, hot blonde is not a far-fetched dream. It could easily become reality.

you should date a russian 1

Russian women are considered the hottest women by many people all over the world here are some reasons why that is true as can be. They are tall and mostly blonde but almost always slim or even underweight.

They take care of their bodies and rarely let those extra pounds pile up. They always remain in shape.

They are feminine

Unlike Western women, Russian women retain many of their feminine characteristics. A bit of chivalry goes a long way with them and they will appreciate you for it.

you should date a russian 2

They have not yet been corrupted by weird ideas about women liberation and love to be treated like the ladies they are.

They are great both inside and outside the bedroom

Yes, they will rock your life inside the bedroom. Yet they are also very attentive and listen to you when you are down.

you should date a russian 3

They are the perfect combination of a girlfriend and a normal you need to talk to every once in a while.

They pamper their men

They take care of their man when he needs it. They do not laugh it off that men have emotions and need a shoulder sometimes. They are deeply caring and both give and expect the best from their partners.

you should date a russian 4

They cook really well

Any guy who has dated a Russian girl will attest to the fact that they are wonderful cooks and make some of the most delicious food you will ever have.

you should date a russian 5

Coupled with their beauty, kind nature and intelligence it makes all the more irresistible.

They expect the best

They also like to be spoiled. She might treat you like a king but it is because she is a queen herself and knows it and expects to be treated accordingly.

you should date a russian 6

If however, you fail to treat her well there is a limit to how much she will put up with. She has many other options and both of you know it. So if you want to keep your girl loyal then you must reciprocate her kindness and pamper her likewise.

They have a killer sense of dressing

Russian women get full marks for their fashion sense. No matter if they are wearing high-end designer wear or run off the mill clothing bought from your local store.

you should date a russian 7

They will make it look good on them no matter what and will look ravishing all the time. You should also try to up your fashion game if you do not want them to be embarrassed in front of their friends due to your shabby appearance.

SOURCE: tapoos.com