7 Things That Only Flight Attendants Know

Some of these secrets will make your air travel a happier and safer experience. Just make sure you play close attention to the subtle signs, especially those flying to Vail and West Palm Beach.

1. Flight attendants will fart on you.

Many flight attendants have admitted to farting around difficult or rude passengers. Cabin pressure makes them gassy, so why not use the opportunity…

Service onboardSource: rd.com

2. That stain on the floor might not be water.

It could be vomit, blood, urine etc.

only flight attendants know 2Source: rd.com

3. Dead bodies fluid sometimes leaks on other people’s luggage.

Stick to your carry on!

Women carries their luggage at the airportSource: rd.com

4. In case of an accident, put your mask on first.

When decompression takes place, you have seconds before your brain deprived starved of oxygen.

only flight attendants know 4Source: rd.com

5. There’s only ONE flight attendant per 50 passengers…

And now you know why you never got your peanuts!

Duty free service onboardSource: rd.com

6. Tray tables rarely get sanitized.

There’s just not enough time in between flights. Make sure you bring your own hand sanitizer!

only flight attendants know 7Source: rd.com

7. It doesn’t really matter WHEN you check your luggage…

The Huffington Post found that luggage is sorted into bins, weighed and distributed as handlers see fit, so it doesn’t matter if you luggage was checked last…

man putting luggage on the top shelf on airplaneSource: rd.com