7 Things The Alpha Woman Needs From Her Man

When it comes to alpha women, there is no denying that they’re strongminded and independent in every sense of the word. Their confident and ambitious view of life tends to make people afraid of them.

Besides that, their overly competitive nature can be extremely off-putting for some men. Nevertheless, alpha women can often be too submissive, which can prove useful when maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.

They love dynamic lifestyle

Those who have met alpha women know that they are constantly on moving forward. They don’t need anyone to do things for them which tends to render men useless. Alpha women are thinking, working and moving at higher speeds than others.

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Their ability to multitask makes them time-efficient and that makes them booked solid. Even though they dismiss male roles by default, they need someone who can keep up with them and the high-intensity/pressure environment they work in.

They need to be challanged

Men who dated alpha women know that holding their own ground is crucial for the relationship. Alpha women need someone to compete with and that means being secure in your own abilities (winning and losing) is a must.

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Alpha women need trust

Relationship vault is a sacred place many couples cherish most – what you say to each other in confidence stays in that vault. Why is that? Well, even the toughest and strongest are vulnerable from time to time.

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Letting their guard down every once in a while means they have that one person they can share their most intimate problems with. But if you let things out of that vault, prepare for the worst.

They also need respect

Alpha women need their partner to respect their decisions and most importantly, not to second guess them every single time. However, challenging them before the decision is made won’t result in the same mayhem because alpha women like competition.

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They also need you to respect their space and boundaries, which implies that belittling them while they are angry is out of the question – choose your words carefully.

They need independence

We all love to spend some “alone time”, whether it’s all by yourself out for a run or with your friends – the same principle implies to alpha women. No one likes a clingy person who can’t go on with their life if you’re not by their side. Alpha women want someone who actually has a life outside of the relationship.

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They need a partner in crime

Alpha women can’t stand being next to someone who isn’t capable to carry their own weight in a relationship. Men who are able to keep up with alpha women have their own opinions and finances in order.

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They need partners able to walk next to them, not in front or behind them. Men don’t have to share their opinions, hobbies or friends, they just have to be self-sufficient and complete, before starting a relationship with an alpha woman.

They need to be called out (when necessary)

Every once in a while, even the toughest alpha women need to be called out on their BS. Being a partner who reminds them that they’re not perfect – without being a jerk about it – is greatly appreciated.

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We all need to have our ego checked occasionally and alpha women are no exception to that rule. They need to have someone who is able to rule over them when they go off the rails at certain times – you just need to have a well-tuned BS detector to put them back on track.