8 Signs That You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize

Whether it’s thinking about not being smart enough, forgetting the way to school or getting a ‘D’ in Math, we all go through a couple of self-doubts in our day to day life.

But there’s a reason why people say that school smart (grades) don’t determine if you’re smart or not. Some of these facts will convince you that you’re more intelligent than you thought. Get some paper and start ticking the qualities you had no idea you possess.

Are you the oldest child?

If you’re not the oldest child, fret not – there are other qualities you can tick. Genetics isn’t the reason the oldest child is the smartest.

you are smarter than you think 1

The reason the oldest children are slightly more successful than the rest of the children is that their IQ is slightly higher than them.

We aren’t saying that if you are young you probably aren’t smart but we are saying your oldest sibling is probably smarter than you.

Did you enjoy reading as a child?

It takes no rocket science to understand that children who learned to read at an earlier age are more intelligent than the ones who didn’t.

you are smarter than you think 2

These children had much more time to study and analyze and basically get more reading material than the children who started leading later than them.

These children are classified as smarter due to them indulging in reading rather than other activities when they were children as reading is good for the mind.

You have a slim figure?

There is no fat shaming involved here at all. A study that was carried out in 2006 showed that the larger the person’s waist was the lesser their brain was.

you are smarter than you think 3

This is believed to be in a direct correlation to the fact that children who try to do better in terms of education also do their best in terms of looking after their health as well.

You always aim for perfection?

Have you been called a perfectionist one too many times? Well, don’t take it negatively. It just means you are more intelligent than most. Intelligence isn’t only present in your verbal skills or appearing to be so.

you are smarter than you think 4

Intelligent people are known to try and achieve perfection in all aspects of life. They do their best to be a good speaker, they do their best to look the best and they do their best to score the best.

Too much use of the word but if you are a perfectionist it probably echoes in your head more than it does in most peoples. In short, they crave perfection in every aspect of life.

You took music lessons?

Want some help in improving the grades of your 4-6-year-olds? Well, studies have shown that children who play musical instruments at an early age are known to score good test results and take a more avid interest in their studies.

you are smarter than you think 5

Music has a tendency to stimulate the brain and increase a child’s verbal intelligence. Learned to play guitar when you were younger? Don’t doubt your intelligence now.

Are you a night owl?

Night owls have known to beat the early birds in a study that was carried out in correlation to this subject. We aren’t saying that staying up late just kicks your IQ scores up.

you are smarter than you think 6

What night owls usually do is browse the internet to learn more information while other people are enjoying a good night’s sleep. Choosing to read and feed your brain is a sign that you are smarter than you think you are.

You have messy handwriting?

Many years ago, a concept arose about something called a creative disorder. It stated people who were smart had really messy handwriting. It was a way to channel their brain and fuel their desire to be creative.

you are smarter than you think 7

Not only is the handwriting something that’s messy in smart people’s lives, so are its other aspects of having a messy room or a messy bag. Next time your mother grounds you for having a messy room tell her it was your creative spirits fault.

Are you a curious person?

Curious people tend to have a more refined and developed way of thinking. They are always interested in keeping up with the progressive world and are always interested in progressing with it.

you are smarter than you think 8

Intelligent people like gathering information about the global world, always striving for more and more information to feed their brain.

Intellectual people are known to invest their time and effort in their intellect even when they aren’t aware they are doing it.

SOURCE: tapoos.com