8 Weird And Disturbing Inventions You Didn’t Know About

You’re probably aware of the fact that we are living in a twisted and disturbing world. But did you know that the world was way more twisted “back in the day”?

#1 The grass flip flops

This weird invention is designed for those who like the feeling of grass on their bare feet.

really weird inventions 1Source: therichest.com

#2 The quackbill muzzle

Unlike the crazy Russians who make werewolf muzzles for their dogs, Japanese like to keep their dogs looking sophisticated – with a quackbill muzzle.

really weird inventions 2Source: therichest.com

#3 The egg cuber

This nifty trinket allows you to turn a hard-boiled egg into a cube. Because, who likes round hard-boiled eggs? That’s so 2016!

really weird inventions 3Source: therichest.com

#4 The anti-pervert stockings

These extremely hairy stockings are the perfect (yet subtle) anti-pervert weapon. Country of origin – China. Well, daaah!

really weird inventions 4Source: therichest.com

#5 The potato chip grabber

Where else would you find this snack grabber than in Japan. Why, you might ask? Because you don’t want to pull out a muscle reaching for that snack of yours.

really weird inventions 5Source: therichest.com

#6 The see-through pocket jeans

Just in case you don’t want to be bothered with pulling your iPhone out of the pocket, get a pair of see-through jeans – they’re stupid and people WILL judge you!

really weird inventions 6Source: therichest.com

#7 The snowstorm protector

These plastic cone-shaped masks were a huuuge hit in 1939 Canada. Who would want to go out in a storm without on of these babies?

really weird inventions 7Source: therichest.com

#8 The nose stylus

This little trinket will help you click, touch, scroll and do pretty much everything you need to do on your phone without using your fingers. Because fingers… so 2016!

really weird inventions 8Source: therichest.com