Before She Died, She Strapped Her Baby In A Car Seat And Threw It Out The Window

Living in a small city means that people pretty much know each other. The same goes for the small community of Wyoming, Illinois with a population of 1,373. Whenever something happens, it doesn’t take long for everyone to hear about it.

That’s exactly what happened to Shelby Ann Carter and her daughter. To the joy of her mother, Keana Davis was born in January 2017. The birth of baby Keana brought a lot of you to the family. Unfortunately, it was all about to change.

The day she turned 21, the unimaginable happened

Shelby lived with her fiance at her mother’s place while working as a beautician. She had also started to pursue a career in pharmacy. Just like every other day when she was off work, she was spending time with her daughter.

the unimaginable happened 1

Suddenly, a fire broke out and Shelby immediately called 911. She let them know that it was hard for her to breathe but in all the fuss she never mentioned the details about her child.

The firefighters reached the scene

They were shocked when they realized that Shelby never mentioned she had a baby with her. The assumed she knew it would already be too late by the time they arrive.

the unimaginable happened 2

Shelby was found on the second floor of her home. Sadly, she had lost her life due to carbon monoxide poisoning. After the flames were put out and house brought to a stable condition, firefighters found Keana Davis.

Keana was alive

Apparently, Shelby had tied Keana to a car seat and literally dropped her out of the window. She had done all she could to get her baby to safety.

The chief of the local volunteer fire department commented by saying:

I guess it’s the motherly instinct to take care of their young. We’re all wondering why she didn’t go out after the baby.

the unimaginable happened 3

According to the medical report, Keana was unharmed and Shelby’s idea had worked. Considering the fact that she thought of it in (literally) no time, it’s a truly remarkable story.

The story of a hero mother

Despite the fact that Keana will never get to meet her mother in person, she will always be proud of her. The incident only reaffirms the already known statement that a mother would do anything to ensure the safety of her child. Shelby will be remembered as a hero.

the unimaginable happened 4

Only days after the incident, the small town of Wyoming managed to gather $40,000 for Shelby’s daughter, fiance, and mother. Their neighbors did an amazing job of coming through in tough times – Shelby’s family used the money to rebuild their house.