Celebrities You Forgot Committed Horrible Crimes

Millions of celebrities all over the world whom we visualize and copy every day. It can take up from their looks to their clothes. The cologne they wear till the pet they’re adopting. A never ending show consisting of illusory practices most of us do customarily.

To us common folks, celebrities are high above the normal gravity living above us. The paradigm about them is too stereotypical nowadays. This can range from them leading a perfect life and us imagining ourselves to lead the same heritage as of them.

But we always underestimate the fact that they’re humans like us and before leading a celeb and pompous life, they were ordinary folks like us. They have a plethora of flaws tailing them every day and they’ve insecurities and knots like we all have. But they have a privilege over us for spending the least time behind the bars for many gigantic offenses.

Coming to the focal point, we will mention some celebrities with their flawful background not to hurl further allegations on them or defame them but to show you people the harsh realities.

To make you come out of the hallucinations of leading a ‘perfect life’ like them. And remember perfection isn’t existent. It’s just the fabrications of a human mind in order to satiate the psychological needs sometimes.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg, you might have seen him in the ‘Transformers: The Movie’ franchise or the ‘Shooter’. Apart from having big biceps and humongous fame, he was also indulged in a crime. He was charged with the attempted murder of two individuals of other nationality; Vietnamese.

celebs with bad past 1

Mark attacked those men in two different duels in same hours. One of the men got blinded and Mark’s charges were dropped from murder to assault charges and served only 45 days of his two-year sentence and got liberated.

Jay Z

Oh yes, I am talking about the renowned rap star and beau of the famed Beyonce. Jay Z isn’t a newbie to law breaking and has been plunged in a plethora of outlawry.

celebs with bad past 2

Before coming into the spotlight, he was drug-dealer and not just a common one but he was the part of the bigger picture in the context of drug related devastation, which gripped the streets of Newyork in 1980’s. Jay Z was also involved in an attempt to murder practice.

He once even stabbed a record producer named Lance Riviera in the stomach because he believed him to be the culprit behind the leaking of his albums illegally. Although he was charged with murder, he ended up serving 3 years probation.

Matthew Broderick

In case you don’t know him, Matthew is a singer and an actor who played the adult voice of Simba in the ‘Lion King’ series. Pretty cool right? But there’s the darker picture as well.

celebs with bad past 3

Matthew was once on a vacation in Ireland with his girlfriend Jennifer Grey. They rented a car most probably a BMW for wandering around the vicinity. Matthew drove in the wrong lane which resulted in a head-on collision with a Volvo.

The outcome was the death of a mother and daughter who were in the Volvo. He could’ve been sent to the bastille for 5 years because of reckless driving resulting in deaths but was charged only with careless driving and was fined $175.

Khloe Kardashian

Yes, the youngest member of the notorious Kardashian legacy got apprehended in 2007 for driving under the influence (DUI).

celebs with bad past 4

She failed to take an alcohol education class and even refrained from taking part in the roadside cleanup duty which was her responsibility and a part of her community service.

She was sentenced to a month in jail but got liberated after serving 3 hours, pretty unfair right?

Oscar Pistorious

Quite a notorious chap, many of you have been knowing him for a long period. Yes, I am talking about the athletic fans. He was the genesis to the double leg amputee to compete in Olympic games, 2012.

celebs with bad past 5

Had a beautiful girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp which he was found guilty of murder. He shot his girlfriend over a scuffle when she was in the bathroom. Was sentenced 5 years in prison.

Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, the ironman, the billionaire Tony Stark. The ironman star was indulged in drug addiction from a very young age, actually battled the addiction. Because of this, he has been apprehended multiple times for drug abuse and similar crimes.

celebs with bad past 6

The rehab didn’t work as well. But he somehow ran out of the cage menace of drugs and substances and got back on the track. Now his life is on the most solid pavement and is showered with success and fame.

Chris Brown

‘Turn Up the Music’,‘International Love’ and much more sang with one of the picturesque voices out there, Chris Brown’s voice. But do you know what’s hiding at the back of the closet? No? Okay, let me enlighten you.

celebs with bad past 7

In 2009, he was arrested on the charges of violent assault on the singing sensation Rihanna, ‘We found Love’. Pictures of the assault in and damage which he did to his ex-girlfriend were gruesome and was a solid proof to singer’s mean and demonic side.

And these charges continue to prevail. From 2012 brawl stirred by Brown in a club to the beating of a man outside the Washington Hotel.

Will Smith

The famous celeb, who was the part of ‘I, Robot’. You must have watched it. He is a sensation too many of us because of his unending passion for acting.

celebs with bad past 8

But the appalling fact is that he was involved in an aggravated assault in 1989. With a group of men, he assaulted an individual who was left almost sightless. For that, he only served one day in jail and got out when the charges were dropped.

Johnny Depp

The guy with many faces, the pirate, the scissor handed and the owner of a chocolate factory… The actor was charged with assaulting and physically abusing his ex-wife Amber heard in may 2016. Heard claimed Depp to have emotionally abused her as well and filed a divorce.

celebs with bad past 9

She produced the proof in terms of photos of the abuses she endorsed. Heard received $7 million from Johny Depp, which she entirely donated to a charity. The duo separated in 2017 after an imbalanced marriage which took inception in 2015.

Snoop Dogg

The Dogg, notorious for his drug usage and rap music. Belongs to Longbeach, California was found to be possessing drugs for at least five times.

celebs with bad past 10

Murder charges were also hovering over him in 1993 but he wasn’t found guilty and was set free from the charges in 1996. The possession of unlawful firearms was also placed on him in 2006.

Mike Tyson

The Notorious Boxer and renowned matchless heavy weighted champion who took part in boxing from 1985 to 2005 was found boxing around with his life as well. Out of 58 fights, he lost only 6.

celebs with bad past 11

However, he has repeatedly been charged with criminal practices. Of them are the rape charges filed in 1991 against him, assault charges filed in 1998, DUIs and unlawful possession of cocaine. It has been a rough journey for the rugged one.


The record breaking superfast paced rap star has been facing and endorsing crests and troughs all his life. From being left alone with his little sister to record breakings, Eminem has been throughout all these and still fascinates us like he did from the inception.

celebs with bad past 12

During 2000, the rap star was charged with assault and weapon mishandling. The following day, he threatened an individual with a weapon whom he reported to have been kissing his wife and that infuriated him.

SOURCE: thechangepost.com