Common Space Myths That You Need To Know Right Now

Even though most of us grew up wondering about the vastness of space, the majority of space facts we learned aren’t even true. Who do we have to thank for that? Hollywood! Now, lets debunk those myths you grew up learning!

The hottest planet to Sun is Mercury, which is why it’s the hottest

The distance of planets doesn’t really affect the planet’s average temperature. For example, Mercury’s surface temperature is 788°F (420°C), whereas the average temperature of surface on Venus never goes below 863.6°F (462°C).

space myths 1

Dark side of the Moon

When you think about “the dark side of the Moon”, you imagine the side that’s unlit by the Sun – also, the one we don’t see because the Earth and the Moon revolve simultaneously.

space myths 2

However, just like Earth and the Moon revolves around the axis, which means that the Sun reaches all the parts of the Moon, so technically there is no dark side.

Planet Earth is round

Pretty much everyone knows that Earth is NOT flat. But it’s not circular either. It’s slightly widened at the equator and flat at the poles.

space myths 3

It’s ever-changing shape (thanks to erosion and constant motion of tectonic plates) makes it look like a pear or potato. Not a ball.

Our Sun is yellow

Actually, our Sun is white. Longer light waves from the yellow-red part of the spectrum cross Earth’s atmosphere without any loss, while green (shorter waves) diffract.

space myths 4

Also, this is the reason why our sky is blue – it’s all about light.

Humans explode in space if they’re not wearing a spacesuit

Hollywood has come up with so many laws of physics of their own, they should really get their own universe, like Marvel or DC. And no, your head wouldn’t swell or blow up in space.

space myths 5

The low pressure in space is really dangerous for your brain, heart and lungs, which is definitely not a nice way of dying.

Our Sun is a gigantic ball of fire

The gigantic WHITE ball we call our Sun is not burning because the heat it generates is not a chemical reaction. The Sun’s GLOWING is a result of a nuclear reaction.

space myths 6

Venus is Earth’s twin planet

Even though many people believe that Venus is Earth twin, the surface of Venus is extremely deadly, whereas Earth is known as the blue/green planet.

space myths 7

#8 We have to blame Hollywood for everything!