Foods You Will Never Buy Once You Find Out What They’re Made Of

Oh! Who doesn’t love lip-smacking and healthy food? Most people think labels like, ‘sugar-free,’ ‘organic,’ ‘all naturals’ are the buzzwords towards their healthy diet. But when you probe deeper into some of your favorite food items, you’ll quickly want to quit eating them.

Some of you might even inquire before choosing the right kind of food, yet, there are foods from which you need to stay away. Here are some common, daily life items that you should cross out from your grocery list.

Popcorn lung (microwave popcorn)

This mouthwatering delight is everybody’s favorite. Be it movies night or just sleep over with friends; buttered microwave popcorn is commonly preferred. But is the butter coating healthy to even taste?

foods you would never eat 1

The problem: diacetyl and perfluorochemicals

The microwaveable bags are coated thinly with non-perfluorochemicals like perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) that are likely to cause cancer.

foods you would never eat 2

The solution? Pop it in a pot

We suggest you make your popcorn using real butter. You can either pop it on a stovetop or just add a handful of kernels into a brown paper bag and let it pop in the microwave. This way it is lower on the cost as well as your health.

foods you would never eat 3

Those not-so-sweet artificial sweeteners

Also known as sugar-substitute, artificial sweetener is a food additive that provides a sweet taste. Some sweeteners are produced naturally and some, synthetically. Certainly, they are low on energy.

foods you would never eat 4

The problem: aspartame

Aspartame is said to be the most threatening substance on the market, mainly found in ‘diet’ food – when your body processes aspartame, it is broken down into methanol, which is highly toxic. Artificial sweeteners cause obesity and eventually, diabetes.

foods you would never eat 5

The solution is as sweet as honey

We suggest you shift to natural sweeteners, like honey, brown sugar or maple syrup, all of which contains a high profile of minerals and vitamins. And these are gentle to your waistline.

foods you would never eat 6

Something is fishy with these farmed fish

Seafood is a favorite among a large number of people worldwide. But it is essential to know that what sort of fish you should include in your diet.

foods you would never eat 7

The problem: worse than bacon

Dr. Axe, the expert in food and medicine, has reported that eating tilapia (and other farmed fish) is worse than eating bacon. Environment pollutants cause dioxin level to rise in the farm-raised fish 11 times higher than that in wild fish.

foods you would never eat 8

These contaminants, like mercury, cause cancer, organ damage and immune system dysfunction. Fishes, like swordfish, are highly recommended to women pregnant or who want to become pregnant.

But there’s a catch with the solution

As per recommendation you should look for fish that are low in contamination and are stable in population. For high Omega-3, we suggest that you go for wild fish such as Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel and Snakehead fish.

foods you would never eat 9

Your not-so-awesome soy

Soybean is found in many products like soymilk, soy sauce and also miso that are added to bread and cereal. As it belongs to the bean family, soy is believed to be healthy. But is it?

foods you would never eat 10

The problem: fermented and unfermented

There is a huge difference in eating fermented and unfermented soy products. Soy is genetically modified to make it edible. Soy is supposed to cause Allergic rhinitis (hay fever), asthma, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, endometrial cancer etc. Therefore, it is not recommended to have soy or soy products in your elementary diet.

foods you would never eat 11

The solution is soy healthy

If you love the flavor of soy, we recommend you use coconut amino instead. If it still doesn’t suit your taste buds, choose fermented soy products, which are lighter to your health and are risk-free.

foods you would never eat 12

Factory farmed meat

Chicken, pigs, and cattle found on the market these days are mostly factory farmed. Factory farmed livestock are certainly heavy in mass and juicy in taste, but are they becoming the healthy part of you?

foods you would never eat 13

The problem: hormones and drugs

Things that you’re grilling up for dinner is fed hormones, drugs, and an unnatural diet and using chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

foods you would never eat 14

When you eat these synthetic compounds, they become a part of your body and mess up your inner processes like menstruation cycle and pregnancy complications in women.

The solution? Meet your meat-supplier (if you can)

We recommend you to know your local meat suppliers. Be familiar what the ranchers and growers feed their livestock. A little research may save you from unwanted health complications.

foods you would never eat 15

The margarine myth

Margarine, ideal for one’s taste buds, is an imitation of butter spread used in spreading, baking, and cooking. It is used as ingredients in many baking products.

foods you would never eat 16

The problem: those nasty trans fats

Initially, it was believed that margarine contains low saturated fat, but sadly margarine contains trans fats, which has reported to cause 50,000 fatal heart attacks. Trans fats also increase the chances of developing type II diabetes and many other health issues.

foods you would never eat 17

Solution? O-M-Ghee

We recommend you use natural ghee, butter or, the best choice, coconut oil.

foods you would never eat 18

Chocolate! Chocolate everywhere!

White, brown or dark, whatever chocolate it is, we just love it! Chocolates are said to be the stress reliever and a brain-booster.

foods you would never eat 19

The problem: white chocolate

Unfortunately, white chocolates just serve as a great treat. But its health profile is almost zero. Highly rich in natural sugar, excessive eating can cause type II diabetes and other health issues.

foods you would never eat 20

Solution? Organic or dark chocolate

Craving for a chocolate treat? Go for organic versions or choose dark chocolate instead.

foods you would never eat 21

Those not-so-real energy drinks

Common among teenagers and young adults, energy drinks are not only relaxing but also trendy.

foods you would never eat 22

Problem: excessive amounts of caffeine…

A Recent study in Australia has shown the visible risks of overconsumption of energy drinks. The presence of caffeine in energy drinks causes palpitations, tremors, restlessness, gastric problems and chest pain, etc.

foods you would never eat 23

Solution? Drink healthy, stay healthy

You should alter your after-workout energy dose with green juices and smoothies, water, protein shakes or green tea. These are not only refreshing but also tastes great.

foods you would never eat 24

Don’t indulge in canned foods

Canning has a long history. Back in the 18th-century, food preserved in bottles was used to keep the Napoleon armies fed. Interesting much? But what’s more interesting are the health hazards, which canned food like tomatoes causes.

foods you would never eat 25

Problem: bisphenol-a (BPA)

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a synthetic estrogen found on the lining of the tin can. This causes reproductive problems to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. This also alters immune function.

foods you would never eat 26

Solution? Go natural

Choose food in glass bottles (which do not need resin linings). However it is better to use organic, naturally grown products and cook them at home.

foods you would never eat 27

Non-organic strawberries

Strawberries make great part of your diet. But not all strawberries serve the same purpose.

foods you would never eat 28

Problem: pesticides

As per research, in 2008 and 2014 strawberries contained an average of 5.75 different pesticides per sample. These pesticides react in our bodies and causes toxicity which often end up in death of an individual.

foods you would never eat 29

Solution? Go organic

That’s right! Grow your food. Take some responsibility and stop relying on over-the-shelf items. You never know their real ingredients, and you also don’t know how old they might be. Growing your veggies and having your chicken farm might be a luxury to some, but it has become a dire necessity.

foods you would never eat 30

People are suffering from horrible diseases, diagnosed on a daily basis. If we eradicate the items mentioned above from our diets, believe me, not only us but our future generations will be benefiting from it as well.

There won’t be any diseases, not from food at least. Just imagine how ironic this is; you’re getting sick because of what you’re needed to take on a daily basis for survival. Exactly! Use organic food!