Former Participants Confess ‘Pimp My Ride’ Gave Them Fake Cars And Reveal The Truth

If you have ever been a fan of MTV, you have probably seen “Pimp My Ride.” It was a show hosted by the famous rapper, Xzibit, in which the West Coast Customs shop customized people’s old cars to the point where they couldn’t recognize them anymore.

All of us thought about what it would have been like if our car was next and how the new upgrades would look. However, the people who were on the show have recently confessed what really happened to their cars after the TV show was over. Check out these shady things that actually happened behind the scenes of “Pimp My Ride.”

“Pimp My Ride” looked like a great show but that was far from true

Xzibit and WCC looked like a great group of people who wanted to help others and to show off their skills, but in reality, things were much different and they would remain a secret if some contestants didn’t decide to come out and tell the truth.

pimp my ride fake 1

A lot of angry contestants decided to tell their side of the story on Reddit and to let the world know that the show wasn’t what it seem to be.

Crazy paint jobs and even crazier gadgets

Justin Dearinger got a lot of gadgets in his Toyota Rav4 like a drive-in cinema and a pop-up machine for champagne.

pimp my ride fake 2

However, he claims that those things were removed from the vehicle after the filming was finished. He said: “They actually take out a lot of the stuff that they showed on TV.”

Some of the new features were not just pointless, but dangerous as well

Seth Martino told the world that: “They took the gull-wing doors off because the pistons used to lift them kept them from putting seat belts in the back, which was highly dangerous.”

pimp my ride fake 3

Martino also revealed that he had to drive a rental because they needed months to finish the job and not several days like it was shown on TV.

Cotton candy machine??

He also wrote they made fun of him: “I know I’m fat, but they went the extra mile to make me look extra fat by telling the world that I kept candy all over my seat and floor just in case I got hungry. Then gave me a cotton candy machine in my trunk.”

pimp my ride fake 4

It’s was all about upgrades…

Seth said that the worst part was that they actually didn’t fix his car they just put a lot of stuff in it. “I wanted to be on the show to have a nice looking car, but more than that I wanted a car that worked. I didn’t get that from them,” he confessed.

pimp my ride fake 5

Xzibit showing up on their doorsteps was a surprise

One of the contestants named Jake told people on Reddit that being chosen for the show was a surprise but not the kind a surprise he was expecting. He hoped that his Buick Century would be fixed but he was very disappointed with the results.

pimp my ride fake 6

He sold his car after the episode aired

He put his ’86 Buick Century for sale because he wanted a car that works and not one that is just flashy.

pimp my ride fake 7

Luckily, he managed to make a profit and get $18,000 dollars for a car that he bought for only $500.

They didn’t need all that stuff in their cars

All contestants wanted was a car that actually worked, not a chandelier or a pool table in their trunks.

pimp my ride fake 8

But the thing is, they cheated. According to one of the editors, if they had a problem with a car, they would just replace it with a new one and then just upgrade that one. So instead of fixing the problems that the old cars had, they focused on all the things they could put in a new one.

The contestants had to pretend that they loved their new cars

According to Jake Glazer, they had to fake their excitement.

pimp my ride fake 9

He wrote: “I remember this very clearly, Big Dane, very big dude, he like puts his arm around my shoulder, kind of walks me around the shop for like 10 minutes and he’s like, “Listen, we put a lot of work into this… we expect you to be a little more ******* enthusiastic.”‘

At least Xzibit was real

The cars didn’t work, the features were pointless, the excitement was fake, but the contestants still got to meet Xzibit, which is some consolation prize. He was a good host, and he had some funny moments on the show.

pimp my ride fake 10