Girl Asked Strangers To Send Her Free Drinks But Ended Up Getting Something Else

The internet is full of all kinds of people- some creeps, some generous and others generous to the point of creepy.

Despite everything it has come to aid when you least expect it to. All you need is a little imagination and luck!

So when Perri Nicole, an ordinary young woman from Berkshire, tried her luck at the newly launched Witherspoon app, asking for free drinks, she got unexpectedly a huge response!

“It was hilarious. It was the first time the staff there at been made aware strangers could purchase drinks for a table – they were like what the heck is going on?

Perri’s Sunday night at the pub The Bear in Maidenhead with her friend turned out to be quite happening

getting free drinks 1

She decided to post her table number and her Pub name- which is what you need for the app to work.

And then she waited for quite a while posting her preferences…

Quite unexpectedly, she got more than 60 drinks within a few minutes

She was sent all kinds of drinks and later, snacks!

getting free drinks 3

“We had to make friends with a group of strangers to help us drink the drinks because there was only two of us out,” she said happily.

getting free drinks 2

And then something really weird happened…

People started sending her peas from nowhere

getting free drinks 4

Nicole’s story including the above post went viral on the internet and the Witherspoon App became quite the talk of the town!

And then we all shared a good laugh and lived happily ever after. The end.