Guy Gets Tattoo To Match His Abused Dog’s, Then Finds Out He’s An Idiot

There’s plenty of ways you can show your affection toward your pet. You can always spoil them with treats or take them to their most favorite place in the whole wide world. However, that’s not what Chris decided to do.

Chris went beyond the wildest wishes anyone has ever made and decided to show his affection by getting a tattoo – but it wasn’t your average “I love my dog.” tattoo. It was something else…

A tattoo coordinated with the one his puppy Bear had

Chris took the outline of the tattoo Bear had, enlarged it and decided to put it on his bicep. Before he got it, he shared his decision on social media.

love for your pets 1

He wanted to get some attaboys for his demonstration of love. That’s when he found out what the tattoo actually means.

love for your pets 2

Too late for regrets

The mark on Bear’s stomach wasn’t something his proprietor did to harm him. It was actually a symbol that meant his past proprietor had to “deal with”.

love for your pets 3

Chris revealed that he’s going to keep his tattoo as a way of showing dissent against of putting ink on creatures. He also said that he knew what he was doing when he got the tattoo.


His friends saw an opportunity they weren’t going to let go that easily. And I seriously doubt he knew what he was doing – the chain of unfortunate events says otherwise.

love for your pets 4