Guy Hacks Cheating Girlfriend’s Facebook And Writes The Most Brutal Post

Studies show that 30-40% of people like to engage in extracurricular relationship activity. However, another study conducted by Psychology Today says that over 90% of Americans find infidelity totally unacceptable.

man caught girlfriend cheating 1

Cheating is becoming extremely creative

Nowadays, cheating is slowly becoming an art. People find monogamy hard and devoting their attention to only one person is extremely difficult.

man caught girlfriend cheating 2

Nevertheless, those who end up being cheated on keep find more and more embarrassing ways of “outing” their partner.

How creative are you?

One guy (referred to as Jason) came up with a rather brutal way of letting everyone know that his girlfriend (Ashley) cheated on him – he hacked her Facebook account. Jason went on to her profile page and posted a long message about how things went down.

man caught girlfriend cheating 3

Not only did he leak every single detail to Ashley’s friends, but to her parents and family as well, because he knew she was friends with all of them.

man caught girlfriend cheating 5

Once a cheater, always a cheater

It goes without saying that public shaming such as this will is not appropriate at all, but hurting people is not OK either. Karma was on Jason’s side on this one.

man caught girlfriend cheating 7

Of course, the post has been deleted since then, but it was re-shared quite a few times. It goes without saying that after this, Ashley will definitely reconsider her life style.