Here’s Why Ugly Men Always Date The Hottest Women

You don’t have to be a stud to get a gorgeous woman. Being genuine and attractive in other ways attracts women in many different ways.

Letting yourself down by not approaching that woman you “think” is out of your league may be your biggest challenge you don’t take. You may be missing out, find out what you can do.

They allow her to speak and see her for more than skin deep

Let the conversation flow naturally and allow the woman to speak about herself and her experiences. They allow her to open up a little easier and be themselves versus worrying about being little miss perfect.

average men with hot women 1

They are confident and genuinely like who they are

Most average men don’t rely on their looks to do their talking, they use their mind. They are confident in their own way and want someone that interests them, because they are beautiful doesn’t mean they can not have a good conversation. They are confident and not cocky.

average men with hot women 2

They know that the woman is tired of hearing how beautiful she is on the outside, but what is it that makes them beautiful on the inside

Intelligent men that don’t have the looks that knock out the other person so they use their charm. They genuinely care about others and it shows distinctively with the flow of conversation.

what type of girl is she 4

They use their own personal life experiences to make humor and gain interest

Being real and able capitalize on their own life experiences and work them into conversations. Basically, they become a desirable person to speak with at an adult level.


They find common grounds in conversation

We look for things that they can use as common areas of interest. Whether it be common likes in movies, TV shows, local venues etc. It opens up a whole new line of conversation.

what type of girl is she 6

They don’t boast about themselves or accomplishments

Us average guys are genuinely humble and resist the boasting and lying that seems to rule the world nowadays. Yes, physical attraction is important, but this adds to the persona of someone.

average men with hot women 5

They identify the woman’s personality type and make them comfortable

average men with hot women 6

They know they are the underdog to the “stud” and become more interesting intellectuals

Having a deeper conversation other than you have beautiful eyes and a great rack is usually enlightening to women.

average men with hot women 7

They are real and skip the cheesey pickup lines

No pickup lines. “Call the doctor, cause I just fell for you” Geez, give me a break. They start with something interesting and keep it interesting.

average men with hot women 8

They don’t boast on the beauty of the woman

The “non-stud” type converse about commonalities they may share. They don’t keep picking out different physical traits that turn them on physically. They are more patient and don’t drool over the beauty of the woman.

average men with hot women 9