Mind Blowing Messages Hidden In Your Favorite Music Videos

As hard as it is to imagine, much less believe, in today’s time and place, there was indeed once a time when music videos consisted of two basic shots showing the respective singer strumming along to their tune while delectable ladies danced around in the background.

Then Michael Jackson came in with his ‘Thriller’ in 1982. This video, which spanned a little less than 14 minutes, changed the music video scene forever. The complex choreography, coupled with the revolutionary ideas behind the entire production raised the bar for musicians and video directors all over the world.

Subliminal messages have come a long way since these incidents

While hiding subliminal messages in the lyrics has been the norm for long, people are now also hiding the messages in videos, visible only to the most dedicated listener and watcher. Details like these have kept the listeners hooked, and you can see them dissecting both the music and the music video and offering a play by play analysis on their social media.

There are carefully hidden secrets in most music nowadays. Whether it is a jibe at an ex-relationship, making a bold political statement, or reminiscing about past mistakes, music is inundated with carefully stowed away secrets, begging to be unraveled by rabid music fans.

Style by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is notorious for using her relationships and breakups as a way to gain momentum and help her to write hit songs. Whenever she cuts the cord with someone, we are treated to a new album or at least a new song. As long as we get a great Swift album out of the process, we aren’t really in a position to file any complaints, am I right?

subliminal messages in videos 1

One such song is style, written in 2014, for her album 1989. Avid Taylor supporters know that Taylor has dated ex-one Directioner, Harry Styles in the past, and speculated that this song was meant to be about him. Not one for subtlety, Taylor goes all out and dangles a paper plane necklace that he gave her, in the music video, putting the speculations to rest by turning them into reality.

Where are you now by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s on and off romantic endeavors were met with gigantic fan approval, with fan pages popping up left, right and center. After the continuous breaking up and getting back together, fans were always left wondering what the nature of their relationship was. Did they still have feelings for each other, or were they over for good?

subliminal messages in videos 2

In Bieber’s new video, “Where are you now,” there is a point where “Where R Now Selena” is painted in the background. That’s pretty crystal clear as far as subliminal messages go and make us think that the song is based on his ex-relationship.

Formation by Beyoncé

Whenever Beyoncé drops a music video, it is sensational. People all over social media are obsessed with it, with Tweets rolling back and forth and people dissecting every aspect of the footage.

subliminal messages in videos 3

The video for formation was no different, When Beyoncé released her video for formation, and the whole world stopped and stared in open mouthed awe. It’s evident that the undercurrents of this video are aimed towards politics with clear references to police brutality.

The video also focused on the devastating effects of the hurricane Katrina and made a sweeping statement with a graffiti message in the background that says, “Stop shooting us.”

Jealous by Nick Jonas

When Nick Jonas decided to go solo and split from his brothers, everyone thought that he was done for. However, he has found great success as a solo artist, and one of his hit singles is named ‘Jealous,’ aiming for the feeling of jealousy over a girl.

subliminal messages in videos 4

The video takes a different turn altogether, and he is seen riding past a billboard that reads, Leaving Childhood’. Fans claim that this a final goodbye to his Jonas brothers days so he could fully embrace his solo act.

Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus

Rumors went around for ages that Miley had finally rekindled her romance with Liam Hemsworth until they were finally confirmed as of recent. That’s both a relief and also incredibly sweet as Miley never really stopped wearing the ring he gave her when he first proposed to her.

subliminal messages in videos 5

However, back in 2013 when her hit single Wrecking ball was released, things weren’t looking that good for the now happy couple. The video showcases her rummaging around in the rubble, lamenting her wrecked relationship as she sheds some tears.

Pillow talk by Zayn Malik

Zayn’s song Pillow talk may have had direct links to his girlfriend Gigi Hadid, but fans have also spotted a link to his One Direction days.

subliminal messages in videos 6

In the video, he can be seen crying tears of blood, which can be connected to his X factor performance in which the Directioners sang ‘Total eclipse of the heart’ and Zayn shed tears of blood.

Famous by Kanye West

Kanye West strove to recreate famed artist, Vincent Desiderio’s, ‘Sleep’ painting in a video influenced by the Illuminati. The video starts with an aerial view and is shot like an amateur sex tape.

subliminal messages in videos 7

It shows several famous ex-lovers lying next to each other, naked in bed. Both Kanye and Kim’s exes can also be seen, start nude and lying on the same bed as Kim and Kanye themselves. Other famous people like Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner also get a shot in the video.

Hotline bling by Drake

Drake’s video for Hotline Bling was an instant success owing to how easy it was to the eyes. However, the video might just have been one gigantic ode to Satan himself.

subliminal messages in videos 8

The cube he can be seen dancing around in somewhat of a cult symbol for the Illuminati as are the stairways that are known to depict man’s ascension to God.

SOURCE: thechangepost.com