People Who Have A Seriously Confused Sense Of Fashion

Nowadays we see more and more radical styles being introduced ranging from our footwear to the apparels and they are being accepted into the society under the label of fashion.

People either do not really care about what they are wearing or they might be putting too much thought into the phrase’ standing out from the crowd’.

Anyways following are few such examples where to the individual it might be tasteful fashion accessory but on the contrary, someone should give them a reality check.

Is that Ikea apparel assembled at stores?

This is really unfortunate to be worn by anyone because it does not at all look like a comfortable loungewear.

seriously confused fashion sense 1

Shorts which mutated into a long sleeve shirt

When you just can’t decide what to wear and want the functionality of both shorts and a long sleeve shirt. This article of clothing is an epitome of confused fashion.

seriously confused fashion sense 2

One devoted Britney Spear fan

seriously confused fashion sense 3

These are actually iconic shoes in Mexico

Well, if you are faced with a maniac wielding a machete you could at least defend yourself if you have a pair on.

seriously confused fashion sense 4

Otherwise, you could take them to the skiing resort and surf the snowy slopes without spending too much on the skiing gear.

Back when Wookie started using public transport

If this is an idea of looking hipster, please reconsider it. This is not at all endearing, in fact, it looks quite comical with a tinge of disgust.

seriously confused fashion sense 5

Anyways she must be warm in that fur so we could salvage that much from the unfortunate situation.

Aliens are living amongst us

Is not this fashion style now extinct? Apparently, this person finds it appealing and who are we to say anything. We just hope he does not have to reach down to take something out of the pants pocket.

seriously confused fashion sense 6

Mot much you can say here

seriously confused fashion sense 7

Comfort is top priority in apparels

seriously confused fashion sense 8