Pick A Leaf And Find Out The Love Story Of Your Life

No one can tell you for sure what type of person you’ll fall in love with, but you can find out what the love story of your life will look like.

All you have to do is think about one of the most favorite seasons of the year and pick the most appealing leaf you see. The test will take care of the rest.

Leaf #1

If you chose leaf #1, you the type of person who mostly focuses on the end results. Once you fall in love, you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make a solid and stable relationship.

choose your favorite leaf 1

You know how to respect your feelings and you’re love is never susceptible to doubts. When it comes to honesty, you will never cheat on your partner and you will never risk a relationship for a minute of pure pleasure.

Leaf #2

Those who chose this one love to enjoy their freedom. As far as love is concerned, you do expose your feelings but it takes a long time.

choose your favorite leaf 2

The reason for the lack of emotional outbursts is the fear that you’ll dive into something serious and lose that freedom. However, you do love to experiment.

Leaf #3

Choosing this leaf means that you’re completely committed to the relationship, even if that is not good for you. However, your partner will be pleased to have a relationship with you for one particular reason – flexibility.

choose your favorite leaf 3

Because you’re the type of person who is extremely flexible, your partner will appreciate the fact that you tend to adapt to them. Nevertheless, you should take more care of yourself.

Leaf #4

The last leaf shows you’re an optimistic and romantic person. You love to have your relationship pure and honest.

choose your favorite leaf 4

You’re an excellent planner and you appreciate romantic fantasies. You will do whatever it takes to make your loved one happy, which is quite uncommon nowadays.

SOURCE: meowgag.com