Rarely Known Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Things

Most people don’t bother comparing history with the present, but the perception of history distorts every time scientists start digging things up. These 8 (not so isolated) cases will change the way you look at things.

Murder vs banking?

The great Dante thought little of bankers, which is why in this masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, he placed them in a lower circle of hell than murderers.
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The Cycad tree, the last of its kind

This is the only Cycad tree anyone ever found. It was discovered in 1895 and transferred to Royal Botanical Gardens. This type of tree dates back all the way to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
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State of Utah shortened the business week

Back in ’08 when a lot of banks collapsed, the State of Utah decided to save on energy and carbon emission (by 14%) by shortening the business week. The four-work-day week even led to boost in morality and workers became more productive.
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Luke Skywalker might have been gay

Not only does Mark Hamill believe that Luke Skywalker might have been gay, but J. J. Abrams backed it up by saying “it seems insanely narrow-minded and counterintuitive to say that there wouldn’t be a homosexual character in that world.”
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Alice Cooper switched drinking for golf

The famous Alice Copper turned his entire life around in order to pursue his biggest passion – golf. Nowadays he plays six rounds per week with a handicap of two!
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Elon Musk was always “Per aspera ad astra” type of man

Back in 2008, Elon Musk somehow managed to take SpaceX program and Tesla Motors to bankruptcy and back to being worth $1.6 billion in just three days!
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Ethics books “disappear” from library shelves 50% more times than any other philosophy book

This, for some people, implies that ethics experts aren’t really practicing what they preach.
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#8 The designer of the Titanic was on board when the ship sank

Not only did the designer Thomas Anrdews Jr. go down with the ship alongside Captain Smith, he helped people get into the lifeboats. His initial design included more lifeboats, a reinforced hull and water-tight bulkheads, but the design was overruled.
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