Real-Life Animals That Are More Like Nightmares

We all think that the world is a scary place, but we have no idea that the world would be a whole lot scarier if we actually knew what lives, eat and crawls in it. For example…

The Camel Spider

This gigantic spider is a scorpion ancestor and NOT an actual spider. The jaws on this gigantor take about 1/3 of its body. Gosh, it makes me scratch myself involuntarily.

scary creatures around the world 2

Japanese Giant Hornet

The word “giant” is a perfect way to describe this beast. They KILL at least 30 people in Japan, EVERY YEAR! The giant hornets can grow to 3″ and they have a 0.24″ stinger. That’s massive!

scary creatures around the world 4

Star-Nose Mole

The “star-like” appendages on the mole’s nose are called ‘Elmer’s organs’. These tiny organs have more than 25,000 extremely tiny sensory receptors.

scary creatures around the world 1

The Pacific Viperfish

This creature of the deep has monster-size jaws that are so big it can’t close its mouth. Imagine coming across this thing while in the open water. Yeah, NOPE!

scary creatures around the world 3

The Giant Spider Crab

It’s pretty clear why they call it the GIANT spider crab because this thing can grow 12 feet FROM CLAW TO CLAW!

scary creatures around the world 5

The Giant Isopod

These things have been present for thousands of years. They’re literally PREHISTORIC! These isopods dwell in the deep and they can go up to for years without food. Now imagine what happens when they get hangry… Oh, and it can kill a shark!

scary creatures around the world 6