Soldier Wears A Fluorescent Dress To His Best Friends Funeral For The Most Heartbreaking Reason

This is an old, but probably one of the most heartbreaking stories you’re ever going to read. Would you do this for your friend?

Keeping A Promise

About three years before the funeral, two friends Barry Delaney and Kevin Elliot, made a rather silly agreement.

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Death Of A Soldier

They promised each other that if something happens to either of them, the other guy would wear the craziest dress ever to the funeral. Sadly, Kevin died due to an explosion caused by a rocket-propelled grenade.

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Everyone Knew What Was Going On

Everyone knew that Kevin and Barry always fooled around trying to put a smile on everyone’s face, which is why it came as no surprise when Barry appeared in a bright yellow dress and pink stockings.

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Inconsolable And Oblivious

At one point, Barry dropped down on his knee next to Kevin’s grave to ask him if likes what he chose for an outfit…

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Kevin Was Full Of Energy!

Barry said that his friend would understand why he decided to go through with his promise. Kevin was a “live wire” and the bright-colored dress was probably the best possible way he could honor their friendship.

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