Some Of The Biggest Screw-Ups In History Of Mankind

Most of us make mistakes very often, probably on a daily basis, but those tiny mistakes are nothing in comparison to what these people did. It’s no wonder that they say that one mistake can change your life.

They also say that there’s no need to grieve over past mistakes or decisions, but in some cases, people were left grieving for the rest of their lives. Some mistakes just don’t let you move on.

Some of the mistakes on this list turned into global catastrophes. It seems that the human history will one day be viewed as a past of catastrophic mistakes, not a part of progress.

The great plague

When London was struck by plague, people foolishly believed that cats were responsible for spreading it. So, just like everyone else would’ve done, they started killing the cast. However, as the population of cats diminished, population of the real culprits – rats –
flourished. The result is now known as The Great Plague.

colossal mistakes of human history 1

California Cedar Fire

In 2003, Southern California survived one of the worst fires in history. The wildfire destroyed over 800,000 acres of land. The Cedar Fire was started by a lost hunter who shot off a signal flare to alert his rescuers of his position. Thanks to Santa Ana winds, the blaze quickly turned into a historical wildfire.

colossal mistakes of human history 2

Late fee

In 1997, Mark Randolph acquired $40 of late fee (on a single movie rental) at Blockbuster. He was later sued by Blockbuster for the amount. However, Mark was so irritated with the lawsuit that he decided to start a business for himself. He co-founded Netflix which is now worth over $60 billion.

colossal mistakes of human history 3

World’s oldest tree

One of the oldest trees in the world was cut in 1964 by Donald Rusk Currey. He cut it down in order to study the Little Ice Age in White Mountains of California. After he took the core samples out, he realized that the tree was over 5,000 years old. Luckily for him, almost five decades later, a new oldest tree was discovered.

colossal mistakes of human history 4

The baker who burned down London

On September 2, 1666, a small fire broke out at Thomas Farriner’s bakery in the downtown of London. This spark set a huge pile of fuel on fire, which then spread over the entire city. Countless homes, businesses, and lives were lost as London burned for three days.

colossal mistakes of human history 5