The Kinkiest Zodiac Signs Aren’t Even That Surprising – Looking At You, Geminis

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re all different and we like to enjoy different things. That also applies to our bedroom lives – not everyone is into the same things, which means that we’re all kinky in our own ways.

Some people don’t hide their “awkwardness” in the bedroom, but there are those who like to keep things private. Whether you’re an outie or not, your Zodiac sign tells pretty everything people need to know about you – in this case, it’s all about the kinks.

Cancer just loves to be nurtured and uhm, disciplined

If you want to impress a Cancer, then you need to take charge. Your Cancer partner wants and needs to feel loved and taken care of. That being said, they also like dominance.

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Not only will you want to make sure their needs are met in the bedroom, but you might try being a bit demanding with your requests — it’s will completely turn them on.

Virgos are all about that spank

When it comes to plans and organization, every Virgo is a freak. But doesn’t mean they get to be excluded from the kinks and tricks. On the contrary, the love to get frisky.

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If your partner is a Virgo, then you might want to give spanking a shot. It will turn them on and probably make at least one of their fantasies come true.

Aries love to bond, literally

At some point, getting down and dirty with an Aries will involve bondage. They’re all into the whole “tie me up story”, and if they’re not – make a suggestion, they will definitely like it.

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However, don’t go all Christian Grey on them. Not right away, at least. Take your time…

Taurus likes to play with your mind

Dating a Taurus is not always easy, mostly because of their stubborn side. However, pleasing them in bed is fairly simple — all you have to do is know what they like.

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Taurus lovers love to play with your mind. They are driven by intelligent conversation even in bed. Get creative, use your imagination, and try some role play to please your Taurus partner.

Libras love to strip and tease

If you never dated a Libra, you’ll probably want to after you read this. They want to please their partner in all the best ways.

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For those who are dating a Libra woman, you already know that she gets turned on by putting on a little show for you. She loves to keep things suspenseful and will often do a striptease for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Gemini likes to talk dirty

If your partner is a Gemini, you’ll definitely want to be sure you’re comfortable with the dirty talk.

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Geminis get turned on easily when you say the dirty things, so don’t be afraid to take things up a notch.

Pisces love to ignite the senses

Being blindfolded is something every Pisces will enjoy. Since this sign is known for their strong intuitions, adding a blindfold in the bedroom will certainly turn them on.

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Why, you might ask? Well, a Pisces will be forced to rely on his or her other senses, which will provide a deeper emotional connection to their lover.

Capricorns are all tied up

This is the kinkiest Zodiac sign of them all. Tying them up will “super-turn” them on. Also, the more secure the ties, the hotter it gets.

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In fact, there’s even an entire art of rope tying – for those interested, it’s called Shibari. It’s quite complicated and intricate, so it’s definitely something a Capricorn will enjoy.