These 8 Things Are Much Better Than Love Making, According To Women

It goes without saying that the “oldest job” in the world sells the best. Heck, that’s why it’s everywhere around you. Movies, ads, social media, you name it. It’s the essential part of every romantic relationship, but there is so much more to it.

Real relationships go beyond the bedroom, beyond the physical aspect of it, and take it to a whole new level. Plus, the things on this list will make your relationship healthy and thriving. #3 might sound dumb, but it actually works.

Getting cozy under the mistletoe

Nothing screams romance more than watching your partner’s eyes light up as they open gifts on Christmas morning.

how to make a relationship better 1

Holidays are a time to spend with the ones you love. Take the time to start new traditions and keep up the old with your significant other.

Sleep and snooze next to each other

You’re attracted to your partner, and being in close contact with them can be tempting to make everything about sex.

how to make a relationship better 2

Sleeping next to each other without having sexual contact is even more personal than doing the deed.

Just the closeness and the ability to snuggle is enough to make you fall more in love with every inch of them. The next slide will give the two of you a reason to celebrate.

Do (absolutely) nothing at all

That is not a typo – you have to be able to appreciate the silence between you are your partner. Not every second has to be filled with conversation.

how to make a relationship better 3

In a world that is constantly on the go, it’s important to slow down with your significant other and be bored every once in a while.

Revel in the need to be bored – you will learn a lot about how your significant other spends their time.

Try intense eye contact

Most of us avoid eye contact at all costs. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes just downright awkward.

how to make a relationship better 4

Becoming truly comfortable with each other, with or without clothes on, means you have to be able to look them dead in the eye.

Eye contact can be rough, but really try to lock eyes with your partner.

Make an effort with the inlaws

Meeting your significant other’s family is an important step in every relationship – and it’s absolutely terrifying.

how to make a relationship better 5

Although nerve-wracking, getting to know your partner’s family can give you insight into how they tick.

We are greatly influenced by those we are surrounded by in childhood and into adulthood, and meeting who really matters to them can allow you to understand them on a deeper level.

Give compliments

Who doesn’t want to hear that they are beautiful? Boost your man or woman’s confidence and make them feel wanted.

how to make a relationship better 6

Showing your appreciation goes a long way when it comes to setting the mood, or simply making them smile. Don’t be afraid to turn the dial up on your charm.

Get to know each other, but alone

Going somewhere you’ve both never been is the perfect opportunity to get to know your partner at their core.

how to make a relationship better 7

You will get to know them outside of their element — and possibly confused, lost, or frustrated — which will deepen the bond between the two of you.

Play nurse… if you know what we mean

Your relationship is nothing without tender loving care. Don’t be afraid to take on the role of caretaker when your partner isn’t feeling well, and they will be sure to return the favor.

how to make a relationship better 8

Being cared for when you are sick is definitely a turn on — everyone wants to be protected by the one they love. Don’t forget the breakfast in bed as needed.