This Is Why You Should Throw Away Those Old Green Potatoes

Potato makes up 90 % of our recipe book and makes sure every meal feels complete after it is added to it.

Be it fast food or any continental dish, potatoes are there to save the day. The most loved forms of potatoes till date are mashed potatoes and French fries.

Mouth-watering, no? After buying sacks of potatoes, some people use them almost immediately and some just leave them somewhere until they get old and green.

In the event that you leave potatoes sitting in your pantry for a really long time, they may grow or turn green; not like eating old vegetables will kill you or anything.

Pause, it can? It can cause indications running from a tummy ache to mental trips to death. What’s more, that has happened numerous time all through history. All things considered.

Solanine – a poisonous element

When you keep potatoes for too long, it starts reacting with a chemical inside them. Although it is present in the potatoes for a better reason, the poisonous element is forced to turn the potato poisonous making the potatoes hazardous for our health.

old green potatoes 1

Subsequent to lounging around for some time and maybe spoiling, potatoes contain an intense poison which is called solanine. The substance is the plant’s regular protection against dangers like disease and scourge, yet it likewise averts animals that eat potatoes. Like people.

When potatoes turn evil

Can you even think of potatoes being evil? The awful instances of solanine harming happen not when somebody gets an old potato from the cabinet and says, “eh, what’s the most noticeably bad that could happen?”

old green potatoes 2

As predictable as it gets, these occur amid times of horrendous starvation, similar to North Korea toward the start of the Korean War. That is the point when the world turns into the most horrible and challenging place to live in.

Individuals rummage for any nourishment or food they can get, including frightful mildew covered potatoes. They’re likewise malnourished, which enhances the impacts of the poison.

Some more Solanine affected individuals in the history

We don’t hear stories about people dying because of mere potatoes in our daily lives. However, there are cases where very much sustained people have been harmed. In our world, potatoes are most dear to little children.

old green potatoes 3

Fries are what makes their day. Isn’t it? Because of this fact, many food business and institutes make use of this heavenly vegetable.

An event like this happened back in the late ’70s, 78 when schoolboys in London became ill from solanine-harming due to the potatoes served at school.

How to prevent yourself from being killed by a potato?

If you think about it seriously, it’s a very important question! A vegetable like potato, which is as dear to us as our blood relations, can actually be the reason of your sickness and death? That’s very frightening. How might you abstain from sneaking ‘potato harm?

On the off chance that the outside of the tuber is green, don’t eat it. You might even cut the green part from the potato and utilize the rest of the potato. But then again, who would want to take the risk?

old green potatoes 4

The green covering the outer tuber of the infected potato isn’t solanine, however, it is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is another chemical which is actually a pigment found in green, leafy plants. It is an organic compound and is not harmful at all.

old green potatoes 5

The chlorophyll, however, is an alarming sign of a NO-NO situation because the green pigment means the ‘potato has sat around in the light sufficiently long to have high solanine levels. Interesting, yeah? It’s always better to take care of yourself than take risks which may lead us to horrendous paths.

It is always better to keep your potatoes somewhere where it is dark, dry and cool. The sunlight can cause a lot of chemical reactions to take place in the vegetable which may turn harmful to you and your family! The dim place, however, makes sure that the potato does not fill itself with high solanine levels. Happy potato eating.