This Will Help You Tell If You’re Are A Child With Supernatural Traits Or Not

Indigo Children are said to be born after 1978 and are commonly referred to as the “gifted ones.” They are destined to change how humanity functions and improve the society. They are gifted because they have a great responsibility to alter the concept of reality and make the world a much better place to live.

Indigo children are usually those who are diagnosed with behavior problems such as mood disorders, which leads to them being misunderstood most of the time. Here are some qualities of an Indigo Child/Adult, and if you’re an indigo child, you will surely have most of them.


They are undoubtedly brilliant. Once they set their mind to something, they will achieve greatness. And their brilliance is never, can never, be gauged by their academic success.

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They may not be getting the grades, but everybody who’s ever met them is sure of their super intelligence.


Indigo people are always creative. They tend to do things their way and always find innovative ways to do things.

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Their curiosity is unparalleled. These children are always engrossed in one problems or another, continually seeking answers.

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They are always looking for the deeper meaning behind things and never take things for what they seem.


They hate authority. Nothing unnerves them more than an authority over them.

are you an indigo child 4

Guiding them, monitoring them, and holding them accountable. They’re the rebels in society.


They hate jobs in the services’ industry. Why? The reason is they are separate to the extent that they just can’t work for anybody especially if you’re paying them to do it.

are you an indigo child 5

They are their bosses and are bad at taking orders.


They prefer working alone because they don’t like interacting with people.

are you an indigo child 6

They have a fear of being misunderstood, so they like to keep their social interactions at a bare minimum.


They are empathetic to the core and are always in tune with the feelings and thoughts of those around them.

are you an indigo child 7

However, they differentiate between those who need their empathy and those who are plain stupid. They don’t bother about the stupid.

Uncontrollable anger

They hardly get angry, but when they do, it’s a whole different ball game. They turn into an unstoppable juggernaut.

are you an indigo child 8

Destroying everything and everyone in their path, with words or physically. It depends on their anger.

Frustrated with the society

They are invariably frustrated at how the society functions and they want to change the way things are done to see human society progress and grow for the better.

are you an indigo child 9

Aggressive about their rights

They hate injustice. Be it himself, herself, or anyone else. They think rights must be respected and that goes for everyone.

are you an indigo child 10

They will react strongly, even aggressively if they feel someone is taking their rights away.

Looking to change the world

They are deeply concerned about the plight of society, which makes them want to alter things for the better.

are you an indigo child 11

They are always trying to change the world, and once they find a way to do it, they will put their heart and mind into it.

Psychic abilities

Some people call them psychics. They have something of a spiritually awakened mind. It coupled with their intuition makes people think they have psychic powers.

are you an indigo child 12

They possess transcendent awareness

Most of the indigo children claim to be aware of a parallel dimension and sometimes even tell tales about what happens in a parallel reality. And how realities are intertwined.

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They have the ability to grow

All of the indigo children possess a rare ability to grow beyond themselves. Provided they find the path they wish to follow; they will grow beyond their wildest dreams.

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But they also have skewed private life

They are either too involved in relationships or aloof. They are never in the middle ground. Also, they are strong proponents of freedom in choosing who they want to be with. It makes them extreme supporters of the LGBT rights.

are you an indigo child 15

If these qualities fit you, you’re an Indigo child for sure. You just need to find your path and show the world who are.