Woman Raised By Lesbian Moms Reveals The Dark Truth About Her Childhood

Millie Fontana was enthusiast in the support of some plebiscite on “same-sex marriage”. On an episode of “You Can’t Ask That” she revealed that she actually searched for the father figures.

She deeply desired these things she said, “Dad things” – such as “sports” and “barbecue”. Millie said when she was 11, she met the actual father, which was her first time when she felt normal.

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According to sources, Millie Fontana met her actual father at the age of 11

She said in a recent interview that she felt stable for the first time at this age. “My father was open to a relationship with us if that’s something that rose up in the future,” Millie said. “But it was strongly insinuated that we were fatherless,” Millie added up.

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Millie recalled:

When I was a young kid, I didn’t really want to bring people into my world. Having that understanding of who my father was would have benefited me to go into things like school…more confidently.

The approach how the two mother kept Fontana away from her actual father, even when the actual biological father was open for a relationship with his daughter all the way down, made this little girl stick to the other men of other families and this was truly unhealthy for her.

It was still obvious to me there was quite a lot missing

“I would spend an almost unhealthy amount of time at their houses because I was fascinated by the heterosexual family structure,” Millie told. “I couldn’t replace my actual father,” Mille added.

She said:

I think a lot of parents in the same-sex community, one of them will try to masculinize themselves a little bit to make up for the lack of a father role,” it was ineffective in providing her the male father figure who can, “do dad things with kids.

This is why the requirement of having a child is one woman and one man and this is very clear. Kids need both their parents, their mothers and their fathers, so they can feel secure and they can grow up while being emotionally healthy. Some people raised by the same-sex parents are now spreading this word and telling their stories.

Who could know this better than those could?

However, many times people ignore these voices at large, the reason is that it doesn’t have a fit with the “Everything gay is good.” Alternatively, we can say that children raised by the same-sex parents has a connection with child abuse because it places the kid in very uncomfortable place.

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Particularly, in the case of Millie, because her father had always been open for a lovely relationship with his daughter. The action taken by Millie’s moms are highly disgraceful. They must feel ashamed for giving the priority to a specific agenda over emotional health of the kid girl whom they say they love.

SOURCE: relationshipgoals.me